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At the Hotel Ritz in Paris, the vacuum cleaners sometimes swallow diamond rings

Photo: Christian Böhmer/ dpa

All kinds of small things can be found in vacuum cleaners: Lego bricks, buttons, individual Bluetooth headphones. At the luxury hotel Ritz in Paris, employees have also discovered a ring in the vacuum cleaner bag among woolly mice – worth a whopping 750,000 euros.

The newspaper »Le Parisien« reports that a Malaysian visitor to the hotel had filed a complaint with the police on Friday because her diamond ring had disappeared from her room. The Ritz Paris declined to disclose details about the ring or its owner, but said the ring has now been found.

"Thanks to the careful search by security officers at the Ritz Paris, the ring was found in a vacuum cleaner bag this morning," the hotel said in a statement. "Our customer was very pleased with this news."