Just as the cold wind is raging in the north, the sky is full of snow

It is full of flowers and warm as spring

This is Nanning at 22 degrees north latitude

No matter how many times the cold air goes south

Nanning, which has been refusing to enter winter

A city full of greenery

Going to work is in Nanning, where "walking the flower road".

On the Beifeng overpass in Nanning City, the blooming triangular plum blossoms are like red ribbons inlaid on both sides of the road. Photo by He Guangmin

It is located in Nanning, on the south side of the Tropic of Cancer

Heat is the symbol of this city

Even in winter, the minimum temperatures are in the single digits

And long summers and short winters

Winter hasn't felt yet, summer has arrived

Hot and humid, up to half a year

Even in winter, short-sleeved skirts are still everywhere in the city. The picture shows the blooming triangular plum that can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of Nanning City, which has become a photo shooting place for citizens. Photo by Yu Jing

It is this climate of Nanning

Let the city be shaded by trees and flowers all year round

It also gives Nanning the title of "Green City".

The roads in Nanning are lined with greenery. Photo by Meng Mingming

Nanning is referred to as "Yong"

Thousands of years of history

It gives her a vigorous and distant vein

This place belonged to the land of Baiyue in ancient times

In ancient times, it was the administrative and commercial center of southwest Guangxi

The attic on the banks of the Yongjiang River. Winter swimming, rafting, and kayaking are common exercises for citizens here. Photo by Wang Yizhao

A turquoise Yong River runs through the city

gave birth to this thousand-year-old city

The Yongjiang River passes through the city in Nanning, presenting a view of green waters and green mountains. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Nanning Municipal Party Committee

On the winding Yong River, there are dozens of bridges of different shapes

It is not only a cross-strait traffic strung together

Every night, the city is lit up

It has become a scenery of the Yongjiang River at night

Pavilion Wharf in Nanning City on the bank of the Yong River. Photo by Chen Guanyan

Rise by water

The left river and the right river are gathered here

It not only brought wealth to Nanning

It also brought a heavy copper drum culture

In Nanning, the shape of copper drums can be seen everywhere

Nanning East Railway Station, there is a huge bronze drum sculpture in the exit square. Photo by Lin Mengjie

The copper drum is a cultural symbol of the Zhuang people

In this multi-ethnic place

Ethnic elements are everywhere

The lights "outline" the Zhuang element pattern on the piers. Photo by Yu Jing

Every year on the third day of March of the Zhuang nationality

Nanning has become a sea of songs

Everywhere there were people of all nationalities dressed up

Singing, dancing with bamboo poles, and eating five-color glutinous rice

The whole city is immersed in joy

The picture shows the scene of the "Zhuang March 3rd Bagui Carnival". Photo by Yu Jing

It is precisely because of the gathering of many nationalities

It is also a place of nostalgia for folk songs all over the world

In the park, on the riverside

Or at the wine table

If you don't feel cold, you will burst out of a mountain song

Nanning has a number of local bands, focusing on ethnic songs. The picture shows the band singing the song "Zhuangxiang Brothers Love to Drink". Photo by Yu Jing

If there is a mountain song, then of course there will be a hydrangea

This kind of love token of the Zhuang people

Arrived in Nanning

Be sure to bring one back

The picture shows the 2023 "March <>rd Bagui Carnival of the Zhuang Nationality", a group of Zhuang youths in Nanning City welcomed the guests with hydrangeas in hand. Photo by Yu Jing

Nanning is also a modern city

The urban area is lined with high-rise buildings

It is also the only city in Guangxi with a subway

Convenient transportation connects the fast-paced life

Nanning City is lined with high-rise buildings and green trees. Photo by Zhu Qifang

The streets of Nanning are clean and tidy, with flowers blooming in all seasons. Photo by Wang Weichen

Nanning is also a city with an international style

It is the permanent venue of the China-ASEAN Expo

Unique location

Let Nanning become a link between China and ASEAN countries

and create countless business opportunities and wealth

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center's unique Zhu Jin flower shape. Every year, the China-ASEAN Expo will be held here, and every time there is a grand event, Nanning City is as lively as a festival. The picture shows the 2023th China-ASEAN Expo held in September 9. Photo by Zhou Jun

In this provincial capital city closest to ASEAN

There is not only a strong Guangxi ethnic style

There's also a lot of Southeast Asian flair

Walking through the streets and alleys of Nanning,

The "ASEAN element" is obvious

ASEAN Specialties "Bloom Everywhere"

Nanning is not only home to the consulates of ASEAN countries

It is also for students from ASEAN countries to study in China


位于南宁市五象新区的中国—东盟金融城。黄红锦 摄





南宁方特东盟神画主题乐园。游客不仅可以欣赏到东盟十国最具代表的历史遗迹、自然风情及现代都市风光,还可以体验独具特色的东盟文化产品,领略东南亚国家的历史文化和民俗风情。图为景区内的“走进吴哥”项目。陈冠言 摄

图为游客在具有东南亚民族风情的雕像前拍照。陈冠言 摄










图为“南宁之夜”内,因造型独特而走红的“丑兔”雕塑引游客打卡。王以照 摄






夜幕降临,南宁随即开启不夜城模式。图为南宁内街文化创意园内灯火辉煌。陈冠言 摄

民众在南宁亭子码头欣赏美轮美奂的城市灯光夜景。傅永顺 摄





There are also a variety of practices and genres of rice noodles

in Nanning

You can basically eat all kinds of rice noodles in Guangxi

Guilin rice noodles, Liuzhou snail noodles, Yulin beef noodles,

River pond boiled powder...

Not to mention the old friends of Nanning everywhere

Nanning old friend powder with full color and flavor. Photo by Lu Xinbei

Secondly, Nanning, which is not far from the sea

Oysters are the first choice at the night food stalls

The oysters here can be grilled over garlic and charcoal

It can be baked with cheese and pan-fried with eggs

It can be stuffed in a pressure cooker and steamed

You can also make oyster porridge...

A pot of pressure cooker stuffy oysters is less than 40 yuan, and the night snack in Nanning is very cheap. Photo by Meng Mingming


If you don't eat a barbecue in Nanning, it is equivalent to coming in vain

Different from the barbecue in the north

Nanning's barbecue has a unique local character

The jam barbecue has a special sweetness

Lychee roast chicken is fragrant

There is also a roast pig's eye that squirts juice when you bite it

Lychee wood-fired roast chicken with a fragrant aroma as soon as it comes out of the oven. Photo by Meng Mingming

Roast pork eye can be called the "dark cuisine" of Nanning barbecue, and many people dare not try it. Photo by Meng Mingming

Nanning's cuisine focuses on ethnic characteristics

Yao oil tea has entered the dining table of most cinnamon restaurants

As a world intangible cultural heritage

Yao oil tea is beaten with tea leaves, ginger, peanuts, garlic, etc

Boil it in boiling water to make tea

Known as "Chinese Coffee"

It is also the "health soup" for Guangxi people to live a long and healthy life

Gongcheng Yao camellia has become an Internet celebrity diet in Nanning, and the picture shows the staff of the restaurant showing the oil tea on the spot. Photo by Yang Zongsheng

Thanks to its subtropical location

It also has close economic and trade ties with ASEAN countries

Nanning is a rich place for fruits

Local bananas, citrus, pineapples,

Mango, lychee, longan, dragon fruit, etc

More than 40 kinds of subtropical fruits are connected by ripening

The fragrance of fruit is constant throughout the year

The dragon fruit planting base in Longan County, Nanning City, is bright at night, and the "sea of lights" is like a dream. Photo by He Guangmin

And durian and mangosteen from ASEAN countries

In Nanning, it has become a cheap fruit

Fruit freedom is properly realized

Entering December

It's time for Nanning Xuan sugar orange again

AI also went to Nanning

Let's take a look at Nanning in the eyes of AI

It is a city rich in products

It's a modern and inclusive city

It is a beautiful and romantic city

In this life,

How can you not go to Nanning?

At the end of February every year, the golden-flowered bell tree in Nanning urban area is in full bloom, attracting citizens to take photos and check in. Photo by Yu Jing

Nanning cityscape. Photo by Huang Weiye