, Yecheng, Xinjiang, December 12 (Ma Xiaodong, Zhao Guangyue) On the 10th, the Momoke Water Conservancy Project, located in the middle reaches of the Tizinapu River in Yecheng County, Xinjiang, was officially opened to store water, ushering in its "highlight moment".

Xinjiang Tizi Nafu River Momok Water Conservancy Project under the sluice storage water. Photo by a vest soldier

As the leading hub project in the Tizinab River Basin, the lower gate water storage will further solve the problems of flood control, irrigation and power generation in the basin, marking that the water conservancy project has achieved important phased results.

It is understood that the Momok water conservancy project is a control project on the Tizinap River in the Yarkand River Basin, with a total storage capacity of 9270.26 million cubic meters and a total installed capacity of 16 megawatts, which is a medium-sized project such as III., with a total investment of 62.<> billion yuan, playing an important role in the leading reservoir.

Abduxukul Ayiti, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Water Conservancy Bureau of Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang, introduced that the project completed the interception of the river in October 2021, started the dam filling in October 10, completed the dam filling in July 2022, and passed the acceptance of the water storage stage of the lower gate of the reservoir in November this year. Today, the conditions for water storage in the lower sluice gate have been met.

He added that after the completion of the project, it will provide great benefits for solving the problem of the Tizinab River Basin, the optimal allocation of water resources, flood control in the four counties in the basin and the irrigation of 106.<> million mu of land.

According to reports, the Momoke Water Conservancy Project is a major water conservancy project for the benefit of the people of all ethnic groups in southern Xinjiang. After the full completion, the flood control capacity of the lower reaches of the Tizinab River can be increased from once in 10 years to 20 years, and the water supply conditions in the irrigation area will be improved at the same time, effectively solving the problem of spring drought and water shortage. In addition, the project has a far-reaching impact on improving the construction of water conservancy infrastructure in the basin, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, and helping local economic development and rural revitalization. (ENDS)