Lanzhou, December 12 (Reporter Gao Ying) "Before coming to China, I didn't expect that the railway here would be built so well, and the vast land would extend in all directions wherever you want, and you could start a trip at any time." Chen Junqi, an Indonesian student at Lanzhou Jiaotong University, said in an exclusive interview with reporters from China News Service and China News Network recently, "After I return to China, I will also participate in the country's railway construction and make the knowledge I have learned a 'bridge'." ”

In October 2023, Chen Junqi, an international student at Lanzhou Jiaotong University, was Xi in the library. Photo by Gao Ying

Chen Junqi, a 23-year-old international student from Indonesia, is now studying for a master's degree in mechatronic engineering at Lanzhou Jiaotong University.

Although Chen Junqi, who came to China from Indonesia for less than three years, is now fluent in Chinese. Recalling when he first came to Lanzhou, Gansu, he smiled and said that listening to the locals speaking Chinese with a slight dialect, he felt that it was difficult to understand, and he would only respond with a smile and nod.

"At that time, I didn't know anything about this place, and it was very difficult to learn Xi language and professional courses, but fortunately, my teachers and Chinese friends helped me, and they took me out to play. Chen Junqi said.

In terms of the Xi of professional courses, the most "headache" for Chen Junqi is advanced mathematics. "Although it feels difficult to do high math, our teachers are very attentive, and they will stay in the classroom during recess, waiting for us to ask some questions that we don't understand. Sometimes a question will be asked many times, and the teachers will explain it in great detail, over and over again until we are sure we understand. Chen Junqi said.

In October 2023, the picture shows Chen Jun, an Indonesian student, consulting materials in the library. Photo by Gao Ying

In the past three years, Chen Junqi and his companions have traveled through many cities in China, and in addition to appreciating different customs and customs, they have also truly felt the strength of China's railway construction.

"In our country, such as in Sumatra or other islands, trains and high-speed trains are rare, and you usually take a bus or a boat to get out." Chen Junqi told reporters that the first time he felt the "seamless connection" of China's high-speed rail, it was so cool, it was fast and convenient. Therefore, I want to bring back the studies I have learned in China to my homeland, contribute to the construction of my hometown, become a "bridge" for the development and exchange between the two countries, and let my hometown feel the convenient life brought by high-speed rail.

Different exotic cultural characteristics have deepened Chen Junqi's love for China day by day. "Chinese is too broad and profound, although I speak Chinese fluently now, but it is very difficult to see deeper things, and I ask my Chinese friends for help." Chen Junqi said that in addition to schoolwork, he would also Xi practice a little brush calligraphy, "beef noodles, China, waterwheels... These are the words I've been writing a lot lately, but at least my hands aren't shaking as they were at first. ”

In October 2023, Chen Junqi, an Indonesian student, walked around the campus and photographed autumn scenes. Photo by Gao Ying

Chen Junqi still remembers the first snow he saw when he came to China, when snowflakes fell from the sky, and after the night, the campus was covered in snow. "I was so excited that I rushed downstairs to step on the snow without even changing my shoes, and it was an amazing feeling to hear the creaking sound under my feet. Then I took my mobile phone to video with my family and let them see the snow scene in China, which is so beautiful. Chen Junqi said.

"I know that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, and there are many cooperation projects between China and Indonesia in terms of construction. I can now speak Chinese and have a foundation in mechanical and electronic engineering, and there are many employment opportunities when I return to my home country. Chen Junqi said that China is very attractive, and hopes that more Indonesians can enter China, understand China, and feel China. (ENDS)