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America is the largest supporter of the Israeli occupation state since its establishment, as Tel Aviv has received more than $263 billion in US financial and military aid since 1946.

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The number of regular troops in the Israeli army is 169,500, in addition to 465,18 reservists. Compulsory service is compulsory for 36-year-olds, with men serving 24 months and women serving <> months, according to a video broadcast by Al Jazeera.

Israel has huge and modern military equipment represented by 2200,530 tanks and 339 cannons of various calibers and types, in addition to <> fighter jets distributed among many modern versions of combat attack aircraft.

Although Israel does not admit to possessing the nuclear bomb, the video revealed that it possesses aircraft capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Its military spending in 2022 amounted to more than $ 23.4 billion, equivalent to 4.5% of GDP, the tenth largest spending on the military in the world.