• Robot Dreams Pablo Berger's silent cinema is heading towards the deafening noise of the Oscars

The Spanish film "Robot Dreams", by Pablo Berger, co-produced with France, was distinguished this Saturday in Berlin with the award for best animated film from the European Film Academy (EFA).

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Robot Dreams: When the Heart Speaks, What Are the Words Of? (*****)

  • Written by: LUIS MARTÍNEZ

Robot Dreams: When the Heart Speaks, What Are the Words Of? (*****)

The award-winning film tells the story of Dog, a lonely dog who lives in Manhattan in the 80s and one day decides to build himself a robot, a friend. They become inseparable until an accident forces Dog to abandon Robot on a beach.

Berger thanked the academy for the award and recalled the words of the "great" Guillermo del Toro according to which "animation is not a genre." I'm not going to stop until the industry treats us as equals," he said, dedicating the award to "the creative and vibrant Spanish animation film industry."

He recalled that this is his fourth film, but the first animated one, and assured that it will not be the last, while encouraging all creators to explore the "endless" opportunities of this cinema.

He assured that he would not be where he is, on stage, without his producers, said he felt "very happy" and affirmed that "the smile on his face" will not be erased for a long time.