On December 12, the reporter learned from relevant departments that the accident investigation team of the Jiangxi Provincial Government announced the investigation report of the "9.1" major road traffic accident in Nanchang, Jiangxi. After investigation, it was determined that this was a case of speeding of a heavy semi-trailer tractor truck driven by a freight driver who was seriously overloaded and overloaded, and the road encountered a crowd of people who were occupying the road to carry out funeral activities, and did not take effective safety avoidance measures.

At about 2023:1 on January 8, 0, a major road traffic accident occurred in the Taoling Village section of Youlan Town, Nanchang County, Nanchang City, resulting in 50 deaths and 20 injuries.

According to the investigation report, the Jiangxi Provincial Government has set up a "1.8" major road traffic accident investigation team in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, led by the Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the Provincial Department of Transportation, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Nanchang Municipal People's Government.

On January 2023, 1, the driver Cheng Moucai drove a Gan H7/Gan HH52958 heavy-duty semi-trailer tractor truck to load sand and gravel to Nanchang County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. In the section of Taoling Village, Youlan Town, Nanchang County, Cheng Moucai drove into the crowd that was occupying the road in the same direction to carry out funeral activities, causing 089 people to die on the spot, 17 people died after rescue, and 3 people were injured.

According to the investigation report, the maximum allowable total mass of the Gan H52958/Gan HH089 heavy semi-trailer tractor truck was 49000,79980 kg, and the total mass of the truck loaded with gravel was 20,12 kg after the accident. According to the weighing records provided by Leping Wannianqing Shangbao Mining Co., Ltd., the car had <> loading records in the <> days before the accident, all of which were overloaded and overloaded.

Xu Moubao, the actual owner of Gan H52958/Gan HH089 heavy semi-trailer tractor truck, is responsible for the daily management of Xu Mouhua. After investigation, in order to load more goods, Xu Moubao installed a fence on the cargo compartment railing of the car in Leping City on December 2022, 12, which exceeded the height of the truck compartment by about 26 mm.

After the accident, the Jiangxi Shenzhou Judicial Appraisal Center forensically identified that no ethanol was detected in the blood sample of the driver, and the combined detection reagents of morphine, methamphetamine and ketamine in the urine sample were negative.

The death and injury of the accident traveled to send the funeral of the deceased Gong Mouqing. At about 1:8 on January 0, the funeral procession gathered on the road where the incident occurred, and the civilized coffin was placed on half of the road on the north side of the highway during the worship, and relatives, coffin bearers, and bands gathered around. During this period, due to the burning of paper money due to firecrackers, a large amount of smoke was formed for a short time.

After investigation and comprehensive analysis, it was determined that: on the one hand, the driver Cheng Moucai drove a Gan H52958/Gan HH089 heavy semi-trailer tractor truck, and still drove over the speed limit due to the smoke affecting the line of sight in front of him, and did not take effective safety avoidance measures in case of emergency, and the vehicle was seriously overloaded and overloaded, resulting in a decrease in braking performance and a prolongation of the braking distance, and a continuous collision with the funeral personnel was one of the factors causing the accident; On the other hand, the organizers and participants of the funeral activities have a weak sense of safety, and the funeral activities illegally occupy the highway to carry out the "road festival" activities, without taking any safety protection measures, and in the process of "road sacrifice", paper money is burned, firecrackers are set off to form smoke, which affects the line of sight of the car, which is also one of the factors causing the accident.

The investigation report recommends that the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident, Cheng Moucai, the actual owner of the vehicle that caused the accident, Xu Moubao, and the direct manager of the vehicle that caused the accident, Xu Mouhua, be investigated for criminal responsibility.

According to the investigation report, the accident investigation team will hand over to the discipline inspection and supervision organs for further investigation and handling of clues discovered during the investigation of the accident on problems existing in the performance of duties by public officials of local party committees and governments, relevant departments, and state-owned enterprises.

The accident investigation team summarized the lessons of the accident and the main problems exposed: first, the main responsibility for safety production of road transport enterprises was not implemented, and the daily safety management education of the vehicles and drivers was neglected; Second, the source enterprises of the goods are driven by interests, do not implement the responsibility of overloading at the source, and acquiesce in or allow overloading behavior; Third, the relevant grassroots party committees, governments and functional departments of Nanchang County failed to effectively coordinate development and security; Fourth, the transportation and other departments of Leping City have neglected the safety supervision of cargo transportation enterprises, and have not effectively implemented the responsibility of over-control. (CCTV News Client)