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Police officers take away the alleged "Reich citizen"

Photo: Alex Talash / dpa

In the small town of Herdecke in North Rhine-Westphalia, a woman was arrested by a police task force. She is accused of belonging to the "Reichsbürger" scene.

There was an arrest warrant against the 44-year-old for several political crimes, the police said on Friday evening. Accordingly, it was uncertain at the time of access whether the woman possessed weapons.

According to the information, the state security of the Hagen police headquarters has taken over the investigation. Further information could not be provided for the time being, it said. On Saturday, there was also no new information about the case from the public prosecutor's office in Hagen.

So-called "Reich citizens" do not recognize the Federal Republic and its democratic structures. In 2022, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution attributed about 23,000 people to the scene of "Reich citizens" and "self-administrators" throughout Germany, 2000 more than in the previous year. It was only at the end of November that the police had taken action against the scene with large-scale raids in eight federal states.

lhi / dpa