Rap group PNL breaks silence with song for peace in Gaza

With Gaza, the rap group PNL breaks its silence and releases a single in favor of peace. Absent from streaming platforms for four years, the two brothers Ademo and N.O.S. have published a title in which they call for an end to the war.

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Rap group PNL at the Paléo festival in Nyon, Switzerland, July 22, 2022. AP - Martial Trezzini

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I don't have the words anymore," sings the duo composed of Ademo and his brother N.O.S., that is to say, no more words in the face of the atrocity of the war in Gaza. This single for peace in the Palestinian enclave, promised to be listened to by the millions as often with PNL is all the more important as the two rappers are rare, discreet, and never give interviews. They come from the Cité des Tarterêts, one of the most difficult districts of Essonne, in the suburbs of Paris.


Sometimes, we forget that we are of the same flesh / Peace on Gaza," continue the two singers, whose real names are Tarik and Nabil Andrieu. The eldest of the N.O.S. brothers had already challenged Emmanuel Macron on social networks and denounced France's inaction in the face of the situation in Gaza.

This single is a true message of peace from the rap world, a world particularly sensitive to the Palestinian cause. In 1993, Akhenaten said in one of his songs: "Palestine and Israel in harmony, sovereign and equal." Proceeds from PNL's song Gaza will be donated to associations helping Palestine.

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