In the next two days, abnormal frosts await residents of Moscow, the capital's main office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

"According to forecasters of Roshydromet, on December 10 and 11, abnormally cold weather will continue in Moscow with an average daily air temperature of 7-10 °C below the climatic norm," the report says.

The department recommended that citizens move while on the street, wear a hat, take shelter from the wind, and also use the nearest premises for heating.

"When you come home from the cold, don't drink hot tea right away and don't take a hot shower or bath. With a sudden change in temperature, there can be a significant load on the cardiovascular system. The body must adapt to room temperature within 20-30 minutes," the Ministry of Emergency Situations explained.

At the same time, the capital's motorists were urged to strictly comply with traffic rules, recalling that all components and assemblies of the vehicle must be in good working order. Drivers were also advised to have a charged phone, a supply of fuel and warm clothes.

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In turn, survival expert Eduard Khalilov said that in order not to freeze during a long walk or work in the fresh air, you can use various heating pads.

"In tourist stores, you can find gasoline, salt, chemical options. With their help, you can warm the whole body and even your legs, because there are chemical heating pads in the form of insoles that will work for up to 12 hours. You just need to remember that they should not be applied directly to the skin, this can cause a burn, but only through some clothing like thermal underwear," he said in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

At the same time, the expert noted that in case of abnormal frosts, it is also important to choose the right clothes.

"If we take a city person, then modern high-tech clothing is important. These are light down jackets, warm boots, gloves or mittens. You also need to eat well, calorie-dense in order to have energy. If a person is hungry or dehydrated, they will start to freeze. And don't forget to move. At the time of physical activity, blood circulates better through the veins and carries heat," Khalilov added.

Weather in Moscow

According to the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, on December 10 it will be cloudy in the capital, snow will fall. The temperature at night in Moscow will be -15...-13 °C, during the day -11...-9 °C. At the same time, on December 11 there will be a slight warming: at night the thermometer will be at -11...-9 °C, during the day -8...-6 °C.

"Temperature values in the coming days will be the same as today - -12...-17 °C. The only thing is that there may be gusts of wind up to 13-14 m/s.

At the same time, he added that warming is expected in the middle of next week.

Anatoly Tsygankov, deputy head of the situation center of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, in an interview with RT, also drew attention to the fact that Muscovites will expect a large amount of precipitation in the form of snow.

"There will be snow, not heavy, but long-lasting. Within three to four days. By the 10th-15th, we will have about 11-12 cm of snow.

In turn, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, pointed out that the residents of Moscow will not be able to feel the warming, which will occur next week.

"At the beginning of next week, the temperature will start to rise, although it will still remain below normal. At night it will be about -10 ° C, and during the day - in the range of -3 ... -9 ° C. But Muscovites will not be able to feel this warming, unfortunately: snow, wind of 7-12 m/s, blizzards are predicted," TASS quoted him as saying.