On December 12, according to information published on social media by the official account of the editorial department of the Chinese Simplified Chinese edition of The Paris Review series, "THE PARIS REVIEW", YU HUA became the first Chinese interviewed writer in the history of the "Writer Interview" column of the Paris Review, which was published in the Winter 6 issue of The Paris Review magazine and included in the "Art of Fiction" sub-unit, number 2023 (see picture above). The original issue can be ordered through the Paris Review website, and current issues can also be viewed on the website for a fee.

This interview with Yu Hua is written by the famous translator Bai Ruiwencai, and the content involves Yu Hua's early writing experience, literary inheritance and cultural outlook, as well as the discussion of specific works such as "Shouting in the Drizzle", "Alive", "Brothers" and "Wencheng".

The Paris Review was founded in 1953 in Paris, France by American writers George Plimpton, Peter Matthewson and others, and then the editorial office moved back to New York. Initially titled "The Art of the Novel", it has gradually expanded to include "the art of poetry" and "the art of criticism", including almost all the important writers in the world literary scene from the second half of the <>th century to the present, including <> Nobel laureates in literature. The "Interviews with Writers" section includes almost all the most important writers in the world literary scene from the second half of the twentieth century to the present. Interviews with writers have become the hallmark of The Paris Review and have set an example of a special genre of interviews.

With the authorization of the editorial department of The Paris Review in the United States, the Paris Review has been continuously compiled and published in China, which includes representative interviews with writers who are familiar to domestic readers, and has also translated and published some special interviews in the "Interviews with Writers" column of The Paris Review, including "Paris Review: Interviews with Women Writers", "Paris Review: Short Story Class", "Paris Review: Interviews with Nobel Prize Writers", etc. It has been revealed that this interview with Yu Hua may be included in the latest Chinese Simplified Chinese edition of The Paris Review: Interview with Writers 8.

Yangtze Evening News|Purple Cow News reporter Shen Zhao