, Guangzhou, December 12 (Reporter Wang Jian) The only newly built storage reservoir in the Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project, with a total storage capacity of 6.482 million cubic meters, began to be filled with water on the 5th, ushering in the water of the Xijiang River for the first time, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent opening of the whole line.

The Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project Gaoxinsha Reservoir. Photo courtesy of Guangdong Pearl River Delta Water Supply Company

According to reports, the Pearl River Delta water resources allocation project has a total length of 113.2 kilometers, a design flow of 80 cubic meters per second, and an annual water supply of 17.08 billion cubic meters. After its completion, it will divert water from the Xijiang River system to the eastern part of the Pearl River Delta, solve the problem of water shortage in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, improve the degree of water supply guarantee, provide emergency backup water sources for Hong Kong and other places, and gradually return the ecological water in the Dongjiang River basin, so as to fully guarantee the water supply security of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Gaoxinsha Reservoir is located in the north triangle area of Gaoxinsha Island in Nansha, Guangzhou, within the Nansha section of the Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project, the overall appearance is triangular, it is the only new flat prototype storage reservoir in the whole line of the project, and it is also the largest reservoir in Nansha, Guangzhou, which plays the role of "regulator" and "transfer station" in the process of long-distance and large-flow water transportation on the whole line.

The Xijiang water flowing into the Gaoxinsha Reservoir this time is filled with water from the upper waterway of the Xijiang River through the Liyuzhou Pumping Station and the water conveyance tunnel along the line, and flows through the water conveyance tunnel at the bottom of the Xijiang River and Dajin Mountain along the way, which lasts 96 hours, crosses 41 kilometers, and flows all the way eastward into the Gaoxinsha Reservoir in a gravity artesian mode.

It is understood that after the completion of the water filling, the staff collected water samples through the UAV, and the inspection data and monitoring indicators were normal, the overall state of the project and the reservoir was good, and the water filling task was declared successful.

At present, the Pearl River Delta water resources allocation project is steadily advancing the work before the water opening, under the premise of doing a good job in safety and quality, the near future will be orderly to promote the sectional water trial, and strive to achieve the whole line of water trial before the end of this year, so that the Xijiang water flows into the hinterland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and residents along the line are expected to drink the Xijiang water soon. (ENDS)