, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Lu Shaowei) The reporter learned from the Public Security Management Corps of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau on the 6th that the Beijing police destroyed 6 pieces of various waste explosives collected since November 2022 on the same day.

On December 12, the Beijing police carried out a centralized destruction of waste explosives. Photo courtesy of Beijing police

In accordance with the work arrangements of the Ministry of Public Security's special action to crack down on and rectify illegal crimes involving firearms and explosives, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has taken active action and made careful arrangements to carry out centralized collection and destruction of explosives throughout the city. With the strong support of party committees and governments at all levels and the assistance of the masses, in order to comprehensively eliminate the hidden dangers of waste explosives, the Beijing police carried out centralized destruction of the confiscated waste explosives.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing police said that the waste explosives destroyed in this centralized manner, the Beijing police have repeatedly demonstrated and experimented many times, and adopted the water mist dust reduction blasting method to achieve good environmental protection destruction results, which shows the strong determination of the public security organs to resolutely investigate and crack down on illegal acts related to explosives and eliminate potential social safety hazards, and also reflects the consistent attitude of the public security organs to practice the concept of environmental protection. In order to ensure the personal safety of citizens and the stability of public order, it is hoped that the broad masses of the people will actively provide clues to the public security organs and assist the public security organs in conscientiously doing a good job in cracking down on and rectifying illegal crimes involving firearms and explosives.

At the same time, the Beijing police call on the general public to actively report relevant explosive-related clues, jointly maintain good public order in the capital, and find suspected explosives or waste explosives to call 110 in time to report, and the public security organs will safely dispose of them. (ENDS)