During her career, Taylor Swift has expressed support for, among other things, abortion rights and opposition to former US President Donald Trump.

The fact that she has now been named Person of the Year has led parts of the political right in the United States to discuss whether she can be part of a campaign launched by the left ahead of the 2024 presidential election to influence the vote.

The alt-right account "End of wokeness", which has 1.9 million followers on X, writes that the star has "such a loyal following that they would drink toxic Kool aid for her" and that the next step is politics, where her fans can allegedly make a big difference in voting results.

"Not organic"

Trump's former senior adviser Stephen Miller has also joined the discussion, saying:

"What's happening with Taylor Swift is not organic."

Jack Posobiec, who has made himself known as a right-wing thinker and activist, and whose posts on social media have been lifted several times by Trump, writes that:

"The psychological operation that is Taylor Swift's 'girlboss' is activated"

"Stupid youth"

Another person who has entered the discussion is Jeffrey Clark, who worked at the Justice Department during Trump's term. He republished Posobiec's commentary, adding:

"This is what happens when we leave culture to the left. A stupid youth who raises themselves with Swift's overly sentimental music."

Since his time under Trump, Clark was indicted for trying to overturn the 2020 election, an investigation that is still ongoing. Clark denies the allegations.

Taylor Swift has not commented on the allegations.

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In the clip, SVT's reporter explains the ways in which Taylor Swift has influenced our time. Photo: Natacha Pisarenko