A money lender in Tokyo who was suspected of illegally lending about 44.<> billion yen was exposed. After lending money at a high interest rate, it is believed that he was forcibly collecting money such as having gang members present, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the actual situation.

The arrested suspects are Masao Matsumura (68), the president of Cosmo Agency, a money lender in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and Masaya Nagato (60), an employee.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, he is suspected of violating the Money Lending Business Act by lending money to small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals without registration and receiving a high interest rate of more than 2020.10 million yen from 650 to October this year, which greatly exceeds the statutory interest rate.

The presidents claimed "same-day loans" and illegally lent about 4.110 billion yen to 44 companies and individuals over four and a half years, with an average interest rate of 83%.

In addition, when asking for repayment, it is believed that he repeatedly forcibly collected gangsters, such as threatening to "push young people" with gang members present.

In response to the investigation, the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the actual situation of illegal lending, saying that he said that he was lending because he thought it was helping people because financial institutions do not lend money.