The glass door of the live broadcast room is hung with soundproof cotton

My neighbor is an "anchor"

The sound of music and sales broke through 60 decibels

The vigorous development of e-commerce and the frequent occurrence of disturbance to the people have become a new problem in urban management

At present, there are no relevant laws and regulations to follow, and the property community is helpless

Reporter of this newspaper Huang Yuhuan Zhang Ran

More and more people are shopping in the live broadcast room, which is convenient and fast, and the price is often cheaper. However, if it happens that your neighbor is a live streaming company, it won't feel so good.

Recently, Li Mei (pseudonym), a reader in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, asked for help from the Qianjiang Evening News "Reporter Gang", saying that there is a live broadcast company in the office building where she works, and there is often a sound of yelling, "It affects our normal work, and I hope the relevant departments will intervene to deal with it."

The noise next door

Always distract them from their work

The office building Li Mei said is located in Benjing Community, Yingfeng Street, Xiaoshan, and has gathered many small and micro enterprises. On the afternoon of December 12, the reporter of this newspaper came to Li Mei's live broadcast company on the 4nd floor.

"Basically, every day, I will start broadcasting, play music, and interact loudly with fans, especially in the morning, when the sound is very loud." Li Mei said that these noises are often distracting for them at work.

Li Mei's company has several compartments, some closer to the live broadcast company, and some are a little farther away. "Last week, in the office closest to the live broadcast company, I measured it with mobile phone software, and it exceeded 60 decibels, which met the noise standard." A colleague of Li Mei said.

Li Mei and his colleagues said that they are neighbors, and they don't want to stiffen the relationship, they just hope that the other party can be a little restrained, lower the sound of the live broadcast, or strengthen the sound insulation effect of the live broadcast room.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the live broadcast company next to him. Unfortunately, the gate was tight and no one was inside. Through the glass door, you can see that there is a room inside, and two heavy soundproof cotton cloths hang from the doorway.

A person in charge of the company told reporters that they had just rented here during this year's Double 8. The live broadcast time is from 6 a.m. to <> p.m., and overtime is available depending on the situation. "The live broadcast room is three huts, and soundproofing equipment is installed during the decoration, and the quality is better in the live broadcast industry."

"Actually, our live broadcast style is really not yelling, we will ring a small bell when we load the goods, and the rest of the time we will speak at a normal volume. I went next door to listen to it when it started, and the sound was not too loud. Every time the broadcast started, the next door began to knock on the wall to boycott, intermittently, which also had an impact on our live broadcast. ”

The spokesperson said, "We are also very distressed about this matter, and we also want to solve this matter as soon as possible in a friendly manner, and at the same time, everyone is welcome to see if our sound insulation measures are not in place." ”

Property, community

Efforts are under way to conciliate

The property management company of the office building has received complaints about this matter.

A property manager said that after receiving the complaint, they communicated with the live broadcast company many times, but "people felt that they had done all the soundproofing measures they should have done, and we wanted them to add another layer of soundproofing cotton, but it was refused."

Even the local police station has sent police for this. "The police also have no good way, saying that we can communicate with the property, or the two sides will solve it through the court." The housekeeper said.

According to the housekeeper, there are many live broadcast companies in the building, and the noise problem is not unique, and some live broadcast rooms do not even have sound insulation measures, but because there are no relevant management regulations, it is difficult to deal with this kind of thing, and they can only communicate as much as possible. "In most cases, both sides take a step back and settle peacefully."

In an interview with reporters, Benjing community staff said that they have been trying to coordinate the relationship between the two sides. The community has set up a "Worry-Free Building Service Point", and a resident lawyer is responsible for mediating such disputes every Wednesday and Friday.

In response to the live broadcast noise in the office building, the reporter also consulted the relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau. They said they were responsible for managing industrial noise and had no authority over such noise.

The Money Daily reporter will continue to pay attention to this matter.