What is the problem with loose coal not being allowed to burn and clean coal not wanting to buy?

On December 12, government workers in Nanxingguo Township, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, were accused of confiscating "coal piled up in the homes of two septuagenarians" because it was low-quality loose coal that polluted the environment. On the 5th, the local government issued a notice saying that the old man's loose coal had not been confiscated at the scene. After that, the relevant personnel told the media that only about 6 catties of loose coal were collected that day, and then the village cadres sent nearly 7 catties of "clean briquette" to the elderly.

Loose coal refers to coal that is directly used for decentralized combustion without clean processing, mainly used for household heating, catering, etc., with low combustion efficiency and more atmospheric pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot. Clean coal refers to low-sulfur, low-ash and low-volatile coal products that have been processed, which burn more fully and cause less pollution. In recent years, from the promotion of clean coal to the promotion of "coal-to-electricity" and "coal-to-gas", various parts of northern China have successively promoted clean heating in autumn and winter, effectively reducing the generation and emission of air pollutants. This is not only an ecological project, but also a livelihood project. At present, it is autumn and winter, and all parts of the north have entered the heating period, and the relevant departments continue to promote clean heating work. Specifically, why did this incident arouse the dissatisfaction and doubts of the masses?

The villagers who buy loose coal are in their seventies, and their habits of life are difficult to change, and they may not understand the pollution caused by burning loose coal, and even if they do, they may not care much. If the work of the elderly cannot be done, can the relevant staff put themselves in their shoes and do everything possible to promote the solution of the problem? On the contrary, what people see on the video is that many workers from the town government enter the door with shovels and sacks, pointing fingers and taking pictures, which will inevitably lead to resistance.

Another question is worth pondering: why is there a specific place to buy clean coal, and the price of coal is cheaper, but people are not willing to buy it, but buy loose coal at a slightly higher price? Is the quality of the clean coal sold at the yard guaranteed?

In the final analysis, the key to promoting clean heating is not to prohibit the burning of inferior loose coal, but to truly provide people with both economical and high-quality clean heating services. As long as the clean heating method saves money, trouble and warmth, people are naturally willing to take the initiative to choose. At the same time, this incident also reminds all localities that in the process of promoting people's livelihood projects and people's support projects, the communication attitude, working methods, and work styles of government staff will directly affect the work effect. In the face of a tough and bad attitude, good things must be done, which will chill the hearts of the people. (CCTV commentator Chen Ruihai)