The event was held to mark the 25th anniversary of the launch of the first part of the International Space Station into space, where astronauts in Japan emphasized the importance of international cooperation.

The International Space Station, which orbits about 400 kilometers above the earth, began assembly with the launch of the first parts in 1998, and astronauts have been staying since 2000, and about 21 people from 270 countries have visited so far.

On December 25, exactly 12 years after the start of assembly, an event was held to connect the astronauts on the ground during their stay.

In it, an American astronaut said, "We have different nationalities and backgrounds, we have unique perspectives, and by working with each other, we have become stronger against all difficulties. That's why we were able to maintain the space station for 6 years," he said, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation.

In response to the question, "What do you want to convey most after returning to Earth?", Japan astronaut Satoshi Furukawa replied, "The Earth seen from the space station is beautiful, and I realized that we need to take care of this mother planet."

Regarding the International Space Station, the United States has proposed extending the operation deadline until 25, and Japan has agreed to this.