China News Service, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Ruan Yulin) The Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervision and Coordination Bureau reported on the 6th that as of the evening of December 6, the inspection teams had received a total of 12,4 calls and letters from the public, accepted 6395,5315 valid reports, and 592 cases had been completed or phased by the inspected localities, 43 party and government leading cadres had been interviewed, and 17 party and government leading cadres had been held accountable.

With the approval of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, the third round of the first batch of five central ecological and environmental protection inspection teams will be stationed in Fujian, Henan, Hainan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces from November 5 to 2023, 11 to carry out inspections. Up to now, all inspection teams have fully entered the sinking work stage.

In the sinking work stage, each inspection team went deep into the grassroots, the front line, and the scene according to the situation mastered by the inspectors in the previous stage and the clues of the problems they focused, and supervised the implementation of the ecological and environmental protection work of the municipal party committee and government. The inspection teams have verified a number of outstanding ecological and environmental problems, verified a number of formalism and bureaucracy problems such as inaction, slow action, failure to take responsibility, failure to deal with difficulties, and even perfunctory response and fraud, and 5 typical cases have been publicly exposed.

As of 12 o'clock on December 4, the inspection teams received a total of 20,6395 calls and letters from the public, accepted 5315,4273 valid reports, and transferred a total of 592,92 cases to the inspected places after combing and merging repeated reports; 4 cases have been completed or phased in the inspected localities, of which 43 have been filed and punished; 17 cases were filed and investigated; <> party and government leading cadres were interviewed, and <> party and government leading cadres were held accountable.

According to reports, the relevant provinces attach great importance to the rectification work of inspectors and actively promote the reform while supervising. Through the joint efforts of both inspectors, the ecological and environmental problems around a group of people have been solved; A number of problems that are not rectified in place or even rebound from pollution have been investigated and dealt with; A number of ecological and environmental violations have been corrected in a timely manner. (ENDS)