Tradition and family. With the convulsive times that shake the world, and after having overcome a pandemic, traditional values, such as redecorating the table or our homes, recover the formulas of a lifetime to strengthen the values of such important holidays.

After having followed for more than a decade the aesthetic principles of Nordic influences, according to which minimalism and symbolic decoration were used in the vast majority of European homes, the revival of the 80s that decoration is now experiencing reinforces the continuist values around the family nucleus.

Perfectly set tables, where the presence of candles, candlesticks, napkins and thread tablecloths become essential, take up the old formulas of anything goes with a new term coined for these moments: the tablescape. In other words: the art of setting the table. Thus, one of the premises that works best, according to American stylists and designers, is the thematic decoration in which the entire staging revolves around a certain style. Of course, all within a controlled moderation.

Details now count much more than before, as they are synonymous with dedication and a job well done. And of course, the food made at home (or catering for those who can afford it) with the recipes of a lifetime, and with tasty and, for a few days, different ingredients. Similar to those that can be served in a good restaurant, ensuring, without any doubt, total success.

These are the keys to an eighties Christmas decoration; Interestingly, to be up to date. Trends rule.

BOConcept Trees

The growing interest in sustainability has led many of the decorative elements to bear the eco seal. For example, branches finished in fabric, new freeze-dried plant textures and ornaments and Christmas trees made of paper win the day. These, made of paper or cardboard, are a BOConcept option.

Watch, from The Conran Shop

The manual tradition and ancestral works are recovered, betting on unique pieces, for example natural fabric garlands, which can be made manually or purchased in traditional Christmas markets. This handmade watch, with hands that revolve around greens and reds, is from The Conran Shop.

Ikea Decoration

This Christmas, handmade pieces made of glass, wood, paper or natural textiles are the must. The decoration proposed by Ikea pays attention to details in wood and glass, and uses recycled fabrics and materials.

Paper Trees from The Conran Shop

The best choice is to combine traditional décor with groundbreaking elements, such as this set from The Conran Shop. Clean and simple references are very helpful.

Table by Maisons du Monde

The table regains its privileged position and everything that is arranged on it must maintain an aesthetic harmony. The trend is based on symbols and ornaments of the traditional imaginary. This one is from Maisons du Monde.

H&M Branches

Decorated branches suspended at mid-height that introduce nature into the home are in full trend, in line with a more sustainable Christmas. These are from H&M.

VeryMuch Table

The tables are decorated around a colour, such as red or white, which are strongly positioned. The most classic ones, with golden and festive elements, are back in place. Details such as using finely embroidered thread table linens with their cloth napkins and gold or silver cutlery are trendy. The same goes for tableware: the luxurious effect triumphs. This one is from VeryMucho.

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