Nanning, December 12 (Reporter Yang Zhixiong, Huang Yanmei) Pang Jun, director of the Medical Security Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, introduced on the 6th that Guangxi continues to weave a dense medical security network, and the population participation rate in the region has remained stable at more than 6% for five consecutive years, and the reimbursement ratio of the region's employee medical insurance and resident medical insurance hospitalization expenses policy has reached about 5% and 97% respectively, and the "triple security" system has become the mainstay of reducing the burden of medical treatment for the people.

Guangxi officials held a press conference on the same day to introduce the relevant situation of Guangxi's medical security work to benefit the people and benefit the people in the five years since the establishment of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Medical Security Bureau.

From 2018 to 2022, the total annual income of Guangxi's basic medical insurance fund (including maternity insurance) increased from 580 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) to 785.421 billion yuan, the total annual expenditure increased from 702.1200 billion yuan to 210.19 billion yuan, and the central and local governments allocated more than 52 billion yuan in financial subsidies. The cumulative expenditure of critical illness insurance for urban and rural residents was 118 billion yuan, and the reimbursement rate of hospitalization for the beneficiary insured by critical illness insurance increased by 3223.<>% on the basis of basic medical insurance; A total of <>.<> billion yuan has been spent on medical assistance, benefiting <>.<> million people in need.

Pang Jun said that Guangxi adheres to the principle of benefiting the people and continues to reduce the burden of medical treatment on the people. At present, 508 commonly used drugs including anti-tumor, hypertension, diabetes and 52 types of medical consumables such as coronary stents have been implemented in Guangxi, and the actual burden of medical treatment has been reduced by more than 130 billion yuan. Guangxi has included 38 diseases in the scope of outpatient special chronic disease insurance, further reducing the burden of medical treatment for 690.<> million outpatient patients with special chronic diseases.

The picture shows the scene of the press conference. Photo by Chinanews reporter Yang Zhixiong

Guangxi supports the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine, and includes 531 traditional Chinese medicine and Zhuangyao medicine decoction pieces and 209 preparations of medical institutions into the scope of medical insurance payment; The implementation of the "record-free" policy for medical treatment in other places in the autonomous region has become a vivid practice of the reform of "delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, and providing services"; Implement the "warm heart package" of medical insurance for the birth policy, unify and standardize the maternity insurance policy of the whole region to reduce the cost of childbirth, and include some therapeutic assisted reproductive technologies and "painless delivery" of "IVF" into the scope of medical insurance payment.

The medical insurance fund is the "life-saving money" of the people. Guangxi regards maintaining the safety of the fund as its primary task, promotes the reform of the system of supervision and inspection, intelligent monitoring, reporting rewards, credit management, social supervision, and comprehensive supervision, and realizes the "four full coverage" of daily audit, self-inspection and self-correction, spot check and review, and intelligent monitoring, and further promotes unannounced inspections and special rectification, and maintains a high-pressure situation of medical insurance, public security, procuratorial and other departments jointly cracking down on fraud and insurance fraud.

Since 2019, Guangxi has investigated and dealt with more than 3,1200 designated medical institutions that use medical insurance funds in violation of laws and regulations, dealt with more than 33,47 individuals who violated laws and regulations, recovered and refused to pay medical insurance funds of 2700.<> billion yuan, and exposed more than <>,<> typical cases.

According to reports, Guangxi adheres to digital empowerment, continuously optimizes and improves medical insurance public services, and has built a unified medical insurance information system in the whole region and vertical access to the national platform, achieving an average daily settlement of 47,65 person-times, medical expenses of 2 million yuan, fund expenditure of 79 million yuan, and an average daily settlement of about 1,65 medical institutions, with an average response time of 10 second and a peak value of no more than 1 seconds, providing strong support for the convenience of people seeking medical treatment.

At present, 43 service items such as basic medical insurance registration in Guangxi have been "handled online" and "cross-provincial", creating 24-hour online services, and carrying out convenient service applications such as medical insurance codes, mobile payments, and electronic prescription circulation. Guangxi has also carried out the "Village Medical Communication+" project, with a total of 3850.12 million people seeking medical treatment in village clinics, and the settlement of medical expenses has reached 15.<> billion yuan. Guangxi has implemented the "Ten Hundred Thousand Project" to improve the service capacity of medical insurance, built a "<>-minute medical insurance service circle", and the level of medical insurance public services in the region ranks among the top in the country. (ENDS)