China News Service, Harbin, December 12 (Xinhua) -- Fuyuan sturgeon feast: Taste one fish and one hundred flavors in one pot

China News Service reporter Wang Lin

There is a fish in the north, whose name is sturgeon. The fish is so big that it can accommodate all kinds of flavors in the world.

December 12th is China's heavy snow solar term, in the northeast border of Heilongjiang, the window is icy and snowy, the indoor is warm like spring, the sturgeon whole fish hot pot hot soup is flying, fragrant, warm and warm, become a seasonal delicacy in winter.

Sturgeon has a long origin, known as "living fossils in water", which is not only a good recipe in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", but also a delicacy in the "Dream of Red Mansions", or a delicacy of the imperial banquet in the imperial palace.

At the Antarctic Fish Market in Fuyuan, the "hometown of China's sturgeon", merchants saw frozen fish for sale. Photo by Wang Jixin

Fuyuan City, known as the "hometown of Chinese sturgeon", is located at the confluence of the Heilongjiang River and the Ussuri River, the boundary between China and Russia, and is the main distribution center of China's freshwater fish products. At about 5 o'clock in the morning, the Fuyuan East Pole Fish Market was very lively, rows of river fish were frozen and "stood upright", and the "burly" sturgeon was quite popular.

In front of the Fuyuan Haifeng fish shop, the boss Wang Haifeng wielded a saw, sawed a sturgeon fish weighing more than 30 catties for sale, he said: "The whole body of the sturgeon is a treasure, cold water farming, the fish is fat, there is no earthy smell, so it is very popular, from New Year's Day to the New Year can sell thousands of catties." ”

"Wild sturgeon is a rare and valuable protected aquatic animal in the world, and cannot be caught for food." Wan Wan, a technician from the Fuyuan Fisheries Bureau, said, "Fuyuan is not only the main producer of wild sturgeon, but also has the leading artificial breeding technology in China to promote this precious ingredient to the public." ”

A fresh tail of sturgeon arrived in Harbin from Fuyuan, and Sun Yuankui, the head chef of the sturgeon family's all-fish hot pot, was preparing a meal. The guest booked yesterday and killed the fish early this morning, and at the moment he wants to make a table of fish with a sturgeon.

Cooking fresh fish for more than 20 years, with his familiar cooking skills, he integrated the practice of Northeast cuisine into the sturgeon fish feast: "pot wrapped sturgeon fish" is sweet and sour and crispy, "wind and water from fishing fish sheng" sour and spicy and refreshing, take a bite of sturgeon fish dumplings, fresh soup fills the mouth, chewing is the tenderness of fish meat, the crispness of fish bones.

The most laborious is the "Four Treasures of Sturgeon", the effort is all in the soup, to use the old chicken to hang the soup, boil for 6 hours, and then put in the fish bones, fish tendons, fish skin, fish gelatin stew. Diners stir the golden-colored, fine-textured soup and spoon it into their mouths, creating a silky lingering "fish" flavor.

Harbin sturgeon family whole fish hot pot. Photo by China News Service reporter Wang Lin

Harbin diner Zhang Yuetong entertained friends from Shanghai and Beijing here, she said: "I took them to eat sturgeon feasts and listen to symphony music, which refreshed their impression that when they mentioned Heilongjiang, they thought of stewed geese and two people." The ingredients, environment and culture of sturgeon whole fish hot pot are very tonal, which is also in line with the contemporary people's life concept of loving beauty, being afraid of fat, and pursuing health. ”

Sturgeon fish hot pot is a very characteristic local delicacy in Heilongjiang. Freshly killed and freshly boiled on the same day is the first secret of the sturgeon family's whole fish hot pot to lock in the ultimate umami. The chef raised the knife in his hand, and the slices of fish meat were thin and even, and the light was like a warm white jade.

Sashimi of sturgeon fish. Photo by China News Service reporter Wang Lin

A sturgeon feast, the people "fresh for cooking". Diners use chopsticks to pick up a piece of fish skin, immerse it in a boiling soup pot for 25 seconds, and the fish skin has changed from smooth to curly, soft and glutinous to eat, and it is beautiful and beautiful.

Diners can control the heat, and there are time reminders for different parts and different shabu-shabu: 40 seconds is the best for fish, fat and thin, delicious and firm; The fish liver is more than 2 minutes, tender and plump; The fish backbone is more than 3 minutes, crisp and chewy; Lips, gills, fins... The whole fish can be boiled, and the flavor has its own merits, resulting in a pot of sturgeon fish soup with "fresh eyebrows".

Fresh, abundant sturgeon whole fish hot pot shabu. Photo by China News Service reporter Wang Lin

Friends from all over the world roasted around the fire, ate fish and drank soup, and their feelings also warmed up. "Although the winter in Harbin is very cold, the people are very enthusiastic, and drinking a bowl of fish soup warms the body and heart." Qin Qinghua, a tourist from Jiangsu, said.

"When tourists from other places come to Heilongjiang, they think that there are only iron pot stews and pig killing dishes, but in fact, we also have 'precious but not expensive', delicious and healthy sturgeon." Gan Shuhong, general manager of the whole fish hot pot of the sturgeon family, said that relying on the advantages of the port, Heilongjiang's sturgeon meat products, caviar and other products are exported to many countries around the world, and Chinese and foreign diners can taste the hometown taste of Heilongjiang. (ENDS)