, Daxinganling, December 12 (Feng Hongwei, Bai Yu, reporter Jiang Hui) On the 7th, Huzhong District, Daxinganling, Heilongjiang Province, known as "China's coldest town", dropped by 7.12 °C, and the minimum temperature dropped to -5 °C, officially opening the "quick-freezing mode".

On December 12, the minimum temperature of "China's coldest town" dropped to -7 °C, and the "quick-freezing mode" was turned on. Photo by Feng Hongwei

Early in the morning of the 7th, a layer of white veil was shrouded in the sky over Huzhong District, and tourists and local residents who went out felt the cold of the sudden drop in temperature. Many locals who like to get up early for a walk deliberately leave the house late.

On December 12, the minimum temperature in the "coldest town in China" dropped to -7°C, and the frost hung from the hats of pedestrians. Photo by Feng Hongwei

The reporter learned from the Huzhong District Meteorological Bureau of Daxinganling that at 7:7 on the 31th, the minimum temperature was -34 °C measured by the automatic meteorological monitoring station of Baishan Scenic Area in Huzhong District, which was 6.12 °C lower than the minimum temperature on the 5th. It is expected that low temperatures will continue in Huzhong District in the next few days.

On December 12, the minimum temperature in the "coldest town in China" dropped to -7°C, and the beautiful scenery of rime appeared on both sides of the Huma River. Photo by Feng Hongwei

The low temperature of -34°C adds to the winter beauty of "China's coldest town", and the "hot" Huma River mixed with ice cubes flows slowly past the city, forming a beautiful rime scenery on both sides of the Huma River, which makes tourists and local photographers alike linger.

Huzhong District is located at the northern foot of Yile Huli Mountain in the Great Xing'an Mountains, with a frost-free period of only 83 days per year, the lowest temperature in the history of the town reaching -53.2 °C, and the average annual temperature of about -4.3 °C, known as "the coldest town in China". In recent years, Huzhong District has transformed the unique resource of "cold" into a development advantage, and held two activities of "Peak of Xing'an Forest Ice and Snow Crossing Season", attracting a large number of photographers and tourists to come to experience "splashing water into ice" and "glacier instant noodles" in extremely cold weather. (ENDS)