Abdou Souleye Diop (Mazars): "In Senegal, oil and gas management will be crucial"


Managing Partner of Mazars (international audit and consulting firm), President of the Africa Commission of the CGEM (General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises) © Anthony Ravera RFI

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He is a man of networks, who has spent most of his career in Morocco, but has kept strong ties to Senegal. Abdou Souleye Diop, managing partner of Mazars - an international audit and consulting firm -, president of the Africa commission of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), is the guest of Eco d'ici Eco d'ailleurs on RFI.Au microphone of Bruno Faure and Julien Clémençot, he presents his ideas to develop his country of origin, detailed in a book "Senegal within reach, the lion comes out of its den" (Afrique Challenge Édition). In it, he proposes a programme to the candidates for the February 2024 presidential election in terms of economic policy, accessibility of social services, promotion of human capital, environmental protection and public governance. Abdou Souleye Diop also delivers his analyses on democratic issues in Africa, the multiplication of military coups, the relationship with France, the means of making sport and creative industries levers of growth. The son of an ambassador, he also talks about his youthful encounters with Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Barack Obama.