In order for children to enjoy the taste of winter, female snow crab "barrel crab" was served in the school lunch at an elementary school in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

As part of its food education program, Wajima City provides snow crabs for school lunches for sixth-grade elementary school students after the fishing ban is lifted in November every year.

On the 11th, "barrel crab" school lunches were served at Wajima City Machino Elementary School, and seven sixth-grade students ate "sukiyaki-style simmered food" and "barrel crab" boiled with salt in the classroom instead of in the usual lunch room.

One cup of "barrel crab" was prepared for each person, and the children reached for the crab while looking at the instructions on how to remove the shell and being taught how to eat it by the teacher.

Then, they sucked on their legs, sucked out the flesh, and tasted the "outer child" and "inner child" unique to the female carrying the eggs, enjoying the taste of winter that represents the local area.

According to Wajima City, school lunches of "barrel crab" will be prepared for about 130 children at elementary schools and special needs schools, and will be provided at each school until the 8th.

One of the boys said, "I wanted to eat crab, so I hurriedly ate other side dishes and rice.