Having become involved in the war with Russia in Ukraine, the West has inevitably become infected with Ukrainian mental matrices, one of which is the constant alternation of "overpower" and "zrad", that is, victories and betrayals that turn victory into defeat.

The first "victory" was absolutely virtual: after a series of materials in the Western media about the fall of Kyiv three days after the start of the Russian special military operation was absolutely inevitable, when, of course, this did not happen, a wave of capricious publications began that the Ukrainian army was about to reach Moscow, and Russia would inevitably collapse under the burden of internal problems.

The same bacchanalia arose every time the Russian army left this or that settlement in order to minimize casualties among both our servicemen and civilians. Hiding behind a "civilian" is a tradition not only of Hamas, but also of Ukrainian soldiers. As well as indiscriminate shooting at civilians, it is a long-standing tradition not only of the IDF, but also of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But the IDF shoots at Arabs, who are strangers to Jews, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot at people whom Ukraine still officially considers its citizens.

The Ukrainian "counteroffensive" was also a virtual "victory", or more precisely, an expectation of a "victory". And when it naturally failed, a total "betrayal" began - they say, the Ukrainian army is about to revolt against Zelensky, the West has run out of money and shells, and in general, Kyiv needs to surrender as soon as possible, otherwise it will be worse.

In all this, only the last statement is true. Indeed, every day the NWO multiplies the suffering of the people of Ukraine and worsens the conditions for Kyiv on which a peace treaty can be concluded.

As we know, the conditions that Russia offered Ukraine shortly after the start of the NWO and which were rejected on the orders of Boris Johnson were extremely lenient and rather disadvantageous for us, not for them. Obviously, there will be no more such proposals.

But we should not believe the Western media so much, which in January last year promised the fall of Kiev in three days, in November last year – the seizure of Crimea by the Ukrainians, and now lament that everything is lost for Ukraine. They carry out their tasks, which are exactly the opposite of ours.

Therefore, for example, an article in the German Spiegel that Vladimir Putin is completely right and that Russia has become stronger as a result of the NWO is not at all an approval and support for our country. On the contrary, it is a call for Western politicians to increase support for Ukraine. This is their first task. And the second task is to achieve the appearance of a capricious and relaxed mood in our country. Like, we don't need to strain too much: Ukraine is about to collapse, and Kyiv is about to surrender.

No, it won't collapse and give up. The United States and the European Union did not invest tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars in Ukraine in order to surrender it at the first difficulties and contradictions. Let me remind you that they spent 20 years in Afghanistan, despite the fact that the impossibility for the West to achieve any beneficial changes in this country became obvious at the end of the <>s. But no, the logic of Western investors looks different: they hold even a failed asset until the last moment, when there is no longer any way to make any profit from it.

It's the same with Ukraine. Yes, they are forced to admit that Russia has become stronger and that the European Union has suffered much more serious losses as a result of the sanctions than they expected. But this does not mean at all that the support of Kyiv will be completely frozen, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will run out of shells and cartridges, after which the NWO will naturally end in a few weeks.

No, as long as the West has money, shells and ammunition, they will send them to Ukraine – if not in such quantities as to try to attack, but also not so that the front collapses.

We will be able to win only thanks to the exertion of our own forces, the restructuring of the economy on a war footing and total superiority not only over Ukraine, but also over the West as a whole.

Until then, any admission by the West that Russia has become stronger and support for Kiev has weakened should only embolden us.

The author's point of view may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.