On the 6th, a 53-year-old suspect was arrested after a series of cars rammed into the square in front of Hitachi City Hall and the Tokai Village Hall in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the car in the Hitachi City case was in the name of the suspect's family.

It is said that the mother was also on board at the time of the incident in Hitachi City, so the police are investigating the details of the situation.

Before 6 p.m. on the 1th, a black car rammed into the square in front of the city hall of Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and a woman in her 40s who was participating in an event in the square was seriously injured with broken bones, and two men in their 20s and 30s were slightly injured.

About 2 minutes later, at around 30:1 p.m., a white passenger car crashed into the main entrance of the Tokai Village Office, about 16 kilometers away, and the driver of the car, Yasushi Mashiko (53) of Hitachi City, was arrested on suspicion of damaging the building.

According to the police, he admitted to the investigation and said, "I did both of the cases, and I had a grudge against the Tokai Village Office and Hitachi City Hall."

According to the investigation so far, the black car that crashed into the Hitachi City Hall was in the name of the suspect's family, and his mother was also in the car at the time of the incident.

This black car was later found near the suspect's home with only his mother in it, and it is believed that he switched to a white car and headed to the Tokai Village Office.

Since the owner of the car in the Tokai Village incident is unknown, the police are investigating in detail by listening to the circumstances from the mother about the steps before and after the incident.

Feeling like being hit by another car near your home

In the video taken near the suspect's home in Kuji-cho, Hitachi City before 6 p.m. on the 2th, a black passenger car that the suspect seems to have been riding in is being shot colliding with another car.

Police cars and ambulances were parked nearby, and police officers were rushing around.

In addition, tomatoes were scattered in the area, and neighbors were seen anxiously watching the police officers' response.

A man who lives in the neighborhood where the photo was taken said, "After a loud bang outside, I heard the sound of a police car and an ambulance, and when I went outside, I saw a black car parked. I'm scared that there is such an incident in my neighborhood."

A witness to the suspect said, "The suspect rushed out of the car and fled."

After the car crashed into the square in front of Hitachi City Hall, the suspect was seen in the parking lot of his apartment.

According to a woman in her 60s who lives in another room of the same apartment, just after 1 p.m., she heard a sound like a car crashing, so she looked out of the room and saw a suspect rushing out of a black car.

The woman said, "The suspect rushed out of the car, threw away the bag of tomatoes he was carrying on the spot, and fled.

In addition, the woman who remained in the car seems to be the mother of the suspect, "I tried to help the woman with other witnesses, but the door did not open, so I called an ambulance.

On the other hand, regarding the usual suspect, he said, "He seemed to be in bad shape, such as receiving day services, but he seemed to be a kind person when I talked to him.

People who live in the same apartment: "I thought he was a normal person, I can't believe it"

A woman in her 80s who lives in another room in the same apartment as the suspect said, "Two years ago, I had a problem with the gas not working well, and when I consulted with him, he said, 'I'll look at it now,' and he looked for the cause.

"At around 2 p.m. today, there was an accident in which the suspect's mother's car collided with another car near the entrance of the parking lot.

A woman in her 1s who lives in another room of the same apartment as the suspect said, "I thought he was a normal person because I hardly spoke to him and only said hello. It's just unbelievable."