It turned out that a female student who was bullied at an elementary school in Nara City had written "I wish I could die" and submitted a notebook with the word "Hanamaru" attached to it by her homeroom teacher. The city's Board of Education will soon release the results of the investigation, saying it was an inappropriate response.

According to the Nara City Board of Education and the children's lawyers, the bullying was a fifth-grade female student at an elementary school in the city, and from the third grade to the fourth year of the year, she was kicked by a male classmate and injured for a week.

In June last year, a female student submitted a self-study notebook to her homeroom teacher at the time, and it said, "I wish I could die," but the teacher added a "flower circle" and said, "You can do it!!" = It means that you wrote "you can" and returned it.

According to the City Board of Education, which held an extraordinary press conference on the 6th, the teacher explained that he wrote it with the intention of encouraging, but the Board of Education said, "I have no choice but to think that it was an inappropriate writing that lacked consideration."

The female child has been diagnosed with PTSD = post-traumatic stress disorder and is still going to the hospital, so the city will announce the results of the survey soon.