At the turn of the year, the Lotto and Keno draws will disappear from TV4. This means that the afternoon magazine "After Five" with Tilde de Paula and Anna Brolin will be extended and that the news block on TV4 will thus be a total of two and a half hours long until 19.30.

Lotto has been broadcast on Swedish television since the 1980s, but Svenska Spel has now announced that viewers' changing habits mean that the draw "will meet customers on new platforms".

Convicted by the Review Board

In January this year, the Swedish Radio and Television Review Board ruled against the Lotto and Keno draws, with the assessment that they were advertising spots, which were not presented clearly enough as marketing.

The Swedish Broadcasting Commission has applied to the Administrative Court for TV4 to pay a special fee for the violation of the Radio and Television Act.

We have applied for SEK 50,000, but the case has not yet been decided," says Helena Söderman, Head of the Supervisory Unit at the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority.

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Listen to Content and Channel Director Fredrik Arefalk on why TV4 is pausing its programmes in the clip. Photo: Oscar Fries