Elevator (symbolic image)

Photo: MAL Langsdon/ Reuters

In Munich, the fire brigade freed a father and his one-year-old son from an elevator that could no longer be stopped. The two had wanted to drive down to the ground floor in a residential building, the fire department said on Wednesday . There, however, the elevator did not stop, but went up again, then down again and so on.

The man had tried to get help via the intercom in the elevator. However, the voice on the other end of the line declared that it could not help him. The wife was waiting in the stairwell with four other children. She finally dialed the emergency call, the fire department said.

The emergency services arrived and operated the emergency stop switch for the elevator. Then, according to the information, they manually drove the elevator to the next floor and opened the sliding doors with a special key. Father and son were unharmed. It was not known how many laps the two had to do in the elevator. The elevator had been shut down, it said.