The packing of boxes of carefully selected apples to be presented to the Imperial Family from Aomori Prefecture was carried out in Kuroishi City.

The Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Center's Apple Research Institute, located in Kuroishi City, presents the best quality apples harvested every year to the Imperial Family as "tribute apples."

On the 6th, five employees who were in charge of apple production worked in traditional attire, wearing scarf hats and scarf patterns.

About 5 types of "Fuji" and "Wanglin" were selected from the 10,200 or so harvested pieces, and the staff carefully polished each one with gauze, wrapped them in paper, and packed them in boxes.

The color of the apples was delayed due to the record-breaking heat, but the high sugar content and low acidity made them sweeter than usual.

The "tribute apples" will be shipped to Tokyo on the 7th, and will be delivered to Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, the Emperor and his wife, and their respective royal families.

Yoshimichi Hatsuyama, director of the Apple Research Institute, said, "The apples were made by the growers who overcame great hardships under the influence of the extreme heat, so I would be happy if you could think of the members of the Imperial Family."