, Shanghai, December 12 (Xinhua) -- Young collectors in Shencheng have a lot of public collections to protect the city's fireworks

Chinanews reporter Wang Ji

The 5nd Shanghai Citizen (Youth) Collection Exhibition held an award ceremony at the Huangpu District Cultural Center in Shanghai on the 120th, and 30 people won the "Talent Award" and <> people won the "Nomination Award". Old electricity meters, metro cards, bank passbooks, movie posters, chopsticks and stationery... The objects that people have used or are using in their daily lives have become the collection themes of young collectors in Shanghai, and they all outline the fireworks of Shanghai.

Not a favorite, not a collection. The collecting preferences of young collectors reflect the lifestyle of a generation. "Look! I fill my cabinet with so many beautiful dolls! Shen Yihua, a "post-95" who works in a foreign company, is a "depth enthusiast" of blind boxes, and likes to use the fragmented rest time to draw blind boxes from nearby blind box vending machines to "ignite" enthusiasm for work and life. In the past 8 years, Shen Yihua has collected nearly 2000,<> blind boxes, and dolls such as Molly and Little Sweet Beans "grow on aesthetic points" have given her a sense of satisfaction, "It is very decompressive when I open the blind box, and I am very happy to have a doll I like." ”

The "post-80s" Shi Wei's collection of cartoon singles CD was exhibited at the Huangpu District Cultural Center. Photo by Chinanews reporter Wang Ji

There are also young collectors who are keen to "pay for their feelings". "Post-80s" Shi Wei has been collecting single CDs of cartoons since junior high school, covering popular animations such as "Slam Dunk" and "Little Chinese Master", believing that these CDs record his joy in that era; Wu Hao, who is also a "post-80s", has collected tens of thousands of pairs of playing cards of Yao Ji, Lion and other varieties, and has studied different versions, and feels that "the black and red grass recipe also has a unique flavor".

Boardroom is the "home" of the 90 skis collected by Bai Yifan, a "post-500s" generation. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

To the surprise of the organizers, the young collectors' love for sports has made the sports culture collection a class of its own. Vinyl record skis, Chinese Olympic champion signature snowboards... The boardroom in Shanghai's No. 90 Bridge Creative Park is the "home" of the 500 skis collected by Bai Yifan (known as "Billy White"), a "post-2012s" generation. As a ski blogger, Bai Yifan has been collecting snowboards since <>, preferring limited edition and co-branded skis. In his opinion, there are so many energetic people in Shanghai, trying all kinds of trendy sports, "Although snowboarding comes from the mountains far away from the city, its personality and fashion soul can also be rooted in Shanghai." ”

The philatelic products collected by Zhang Rongqi, a post-90s generation, were exhibited at the Huangpu District Cultural Center. Photo by Chinanews reporter Wang Ji

There are also some collections that are closely related to life, but are different, which make the older generation of collectors feel that young people today "have a wide vision and have worked hard". It is not uncommon to collect philatelic products, but Zhang Rongqi, a "post-90s" generation, has collected about 500 philatelic products that cannot be delivered and returned. In the early days of New China, the main means of communication were letter delivery, and due to unknown or wrong addresses of the recipients, undeliverable mail was formed. In Zhang Rongqi's stamp collection, you can see 47 deliveries of returned mail and other important philatelic products, each of which has a story hidden thousands of miles away.

It is reported that this collection exhibition is sponsored by the Shanghai Huangpu District Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Shanghai Collection Association, aiming at young citizens under the age of 49 (inclusive) who work, live and study in Shanghai, aiming to explore the youth power of Shanghai-style collections and show the level of young people in Shanghai's private collections. The organizers call on more young people to join the team of cultural protection and inheritance, and record and display the style of the times with collections. (ENDS)