This week, German Till Lindemann will perform two solo concerts in Stockholm and Malmö. It is the first time he has appeared on Swedish soil since the criminal charges against him last summer, which were dropped at the end of August.

In the clip above, music critic Tali da Silva goes into what the accusations were about and how the view of Lindemann and the band Rammstein has changed since then.

One of the world's biggest metal bands

Lindemann has mainly become known as the frontman of Rammstein, which since the early 200rd century has become one of the world's biggest metal bands with hits such as "Du hast", "Sonne" and "Deutschland".

Tali da Silva explains their greatness like this:

"They make powerful and funny music, which is easy to live out big and sometimes ugly feelings to. But it's mainly their live shows that have made them famous, because there are a lot of pyrotechnics and their scenography pushes the boundaries. It's exciting.