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Hamburg in snow chaos. Only the city cleaning service remained stoic on Tuesday morning:

Reporters and garbage collectors:
"Traffic is slow, but it's fine."
"But you're getting ahead?"
"Yes, of course. No."
"You work in all weathers?"
"All weathers. It doesn't matter: rain, snow, it doesn't matter."

Those who were travelling by public transport in the Hanseatic city could still get on the bus – but the journey was then at walking pace. Lucky drivers were those who drove directly behind the winter service on freshly gritted roads. By the way, switching to a bike was not a good option.

Brigitte Wadephul-Emden, cyclist
"Not really great for me as a cyclist, that's why I'm walking today – I have to do everything on foot. But I don't feel like lying down either, honestly."

Hans Günther, cyclist
"I'm 90. Of course, it's a bit risky with falling, no. Now I'd rather push."

A lot of patience was also needed by those who had planned a flight.

Ansgar Helmer, passer-by
»I've been working at the airport for 20 years, but that's something special today!«

At Helmut Schmidt Airport, the snow blowers were in continuous use. After all, some planes were even able to take off and land. Flights to Munich were cancelled, however, and the airport there had once again suspended operations.

The masses of snow caused spectacular fountains during the clearing of railway lines near Munich – as these pictures document. Despite plus degrees, there were still thick blankets of snow on the roadside in Bavaria. Travellers throughout southern Germany had to expect delays and train cancellations – public transport was paralysed in the greater Munich area.

There were also numerous accidents in Hesse due to snow and black ice. This truck had overturned on a country road in the Taunus on a slippery road. It was not until hours later that the vehicle could be righted again with a crane.

In Hamburg, the shovel may come to an end in the next few days. The German Weather Service expects snowfall to continue in northern Germany – but it is expected to subside in the course of Wednesday night. In this case, however, slippery conditions must be expected again.