The chances that Ukraine will receive American money "under the Christmas tree" are becoming vanishingly small. A vote in the Senate, which at the end of the year could open the tap for a new flow of military aid to Kyiv for $61 billion, was supposed to take place today, December 4, but it was not possible to reach an agreement with the Republicans. The debate will resume on the 11th, and on the 15th, the US Congress will go on Christmas recess. If they don't make it, they won't have time.

The conversation initiated by the Democrats themselves about concessions in the field of border policy in conjunction with military assistance to Kiev has led to the fact that Biden now actually has to choose: either foreign wards, to whom the head of the White House is so attached, or the betrayal of his own voters, who least of all want American law enforcement officers to have their relatives or blood brothers from Latin America in the election year. armed with new rules of stay for illegal immigrants, they would be sent back across the border with Mexico in droves.

But the Republican congressmen's cordon is clearly more expensive than the Ukrainian one.

The compromise proposed by the Democratic Party (money for Ukraine, and in exchange for tightening the rules for accepting refugees) no longer suits those who support Trump. Republicans want to pass a separate law that would allow the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Plus, there is no parole for them anymore. It will not be possible to persuade, because for any Republican to persuade here means to commit political suicide.

Therefore, Biden decided to enter from the rear. Voters from constituencies who are represented by Republicans who do not agree with the transformation of Ukraine into the 51st state are beaten by publications of the press ideologically close to the Democrats. Especially during the week, the WP newspaper did its best, where the last fig leaves were dropped.

In fact, there has never been any assistance to Ukrainians, the publication assures readers. 90% of the money to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine has always remained in the United States.

As part of the seasonal witch hunt, figures are also presented.

A list of 31 senators whose districts have been declared to be benefiting from the U.S.-instigated war has been swiftly compiled. The disbursement of $68 billion in military aid was provided by the operation of 117 production lines in 71 American cities. Massachusetts and California are making radars and drones, New York and Pennsylvania are riveting Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, New Jersey is riveting HIMARS, and Alabama is making Javelins. The wild situation, in which the lives of Ukrainians act as an irreplaceable resource, is presented with bestial (there is no other way to call it) optimism as a great boon for the US economy.

The Pentagon got $1.5 billion for the production of shells for howitzers - a blessing. Poland handed over 250 old Soviet tanks to Ukraine, concluding a $4.75 billion contract for Abrams, which is also bread. And whoever is against it is almost a traitor.

Only now they are walking at Biden's not on their own. The money is twice virtual, because it was printed on account of the astronomical national debt.

According to Biden's plan, American congressmen should now also be convinced by their Ukrainian colleagues that it is even right to live on someone else's. Along with the information attack, a landing party from the Verkhovna Rada is being thrown into the districts of the Republicans.

But here, too, everything turned out in the Ukrainian way, that is, illiterate and provincial: the dates were not specified in advance, as a result, the Kiev guests will come to the congressmen when they are not at home. During the sessional week of work on Capitol Hill.

However, Ukrainian deputies are not proud people. We should be thankful that they, like Poroshenko, were not deployed at the border. They won't perform much. If they don't ask for political asylum at all, given the situation in Kiev. It didn't go so smoothly with Liz Truss. The White House probably hoped that the representative of the British Conservatives would convince the Republicans, but Truss immediately disowned Biden. He hopes that a Republican will return to the White House.

It is not at all clear what Zelensky can hope for now. Even the Democrats are not ready to sponsor the Counteroffensive 2.0. In general, both in the tail and in the hryvnia.

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