The "Search Awards" were announced, which recognizes the people and works that have increased the number of searches on major Internet search sites, and Shohei Ohtani, who played in the Major League Baseball and WBC = World Baseball Classic, was selected as the grand prize.

The "Yahoo! JAPAN Search Awards 2023" recognizes the people and works that have seen the most searches in the past year, and the awards for each category were announced on the official website on the 1th.

Shohei Ohtani was selected for the Grand Prize and Athlete Category
Grand Prize, and this season he was active in the Angels of the Major League Baseball, becoming the first player from Asia to win the home run king, and contributing to Japan's first victory in three tournaments at the WBC in March. The award was given in conjunction with the athlete category.

In the Actor Division
, in the Person category, Yuki Yamada, who played an active role in NHK's taiga drama "Dosuru Ieyasu," was in the Actor category.

The four-member dance vocal unit "New School Leaders" is popular for its unique dance in the
musician division.

Mr. Yasumura, who appeared in the British audition program in the comedian category
and became a hot topic.

Voice Actor DivisionMamoru Miyano,
who voiced Mario in the popular movie "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" and also appeared in the TV series "Ranman", was selected in the voice acting category.

In the Animation Division, "Oshi no Ko" in the Animation Division, and
"How Do You Live" directed by Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki in

the Film Division

Drama Division"VIVANT"
has been selected for the drama category.

New School Leaders 'Honored'

The "Leaders of the New School," who were selected for the musician category, released a comment in the video, saying, "We are truly honored to have received so many searches, and we will do our best to create many things that interest us next year, so thank you."

Mamoru Miyano "Fun entertainment next year"

Mamoru Miyano, who was selected for the voice acting category, said, "Kotoshi has been involved in a variety of activities, and I think that the fact that I was allowed to voice Super Mario as a voice actor left an impression on everyone, and I am very honored to think that not only voice acting but also music activities and TV appearances caught everyone's attention and led to the award. We will do our best to deliver fun entertainment next year as well."