, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Ying Ni) The 4th anniversary of the founding of Beijing Dance Academy 70 open class exhibition project was launched in Beijing a few days ago. From now on, as one of the key academic activities of Beijing Dance Academy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding, the school will use 70 open classes to showcase the talent training and education and teaching achievements of Beijing Dance Academy in the past 70 years.

Teacher Zhang Jun's Chinese classical dance course display. Courtesy of Beijing Dance Academy

Beijing Dance Academy is the pioneer and founder of dance education in New China, the only specialized dance education institution in China, and the world's largest dance academy with comprehensive professional settings. In 2024, the "Cradle of Dancers" will celebrate its 70th anniversary, and the college will showcase the image of Northern Dance in the new era through 15 major activities and 55 specific tasks throughout the year, and establish the image of Chinese art, Chinese culture, and Chinese civilization facing the world.

The series of public exhibition courses is the core courses of dance performance, choreography, dance education, dance studies and other core majors of Beijing Dance Academy, and 70 representative high-quality courses that can reflect the school's 70 years of teaching accumulation and advanced and exemplary teaching level are selected, covering three levels: graduate education, undergraduate education and secondary school education. The public exhibition course is jointly presented by famous teachers, senior teachers, outstanding young teachers and outstanding students, and each class shows the excellent teaching achievements, advanced teaching concepts, rich teaching content, complete teaching design and innovative teaching methods of Beijing Dance Academy.

Teacher Lv Liang's ballet course display. Courtesy of Beijing Dance Academy

Batu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Dance Academy, said that the 70 open classes will become the leading project, inheritance project, demonstration project, open project and talent project of Beijing Dance Academy. It is hoped that all teachers and students of Beijing Dance will work together to form an atmosphere of focusing on teaching and teaching, and use the collective wisdom of education and teaching to influence the industry and serve the society.

It is reported that the Beijing Dance Academy will display the achievements of course construction in various forms online and offline, and 70 open classes will run throughout 2024, and will be regularly broadcast on multiple platforms such as the school's official media platform, and will continue to expand the social broadcast channels of the open class, form the brand effect of the golden class of the famous teacher of Beijing Dance, spread and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture with high quality and efficiency, and highlight the leading and exemplary role of the world-class dance school with Chinese characteristics and the cultural mission of social service. (ENDS)