The University of Tokyo and NHK signed a comprehensive partnership agreement on April 4 to promote collaboration and cooperation to solve social issues and promote education and research.

Next year, 2025, will mark the 100th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Japan, and two years later, the University of Tokyo will celebrate its 2th anniversary.

On April 150, a signing ceremony was held at the University of Tokyo, where Teruo Fujii, President of the University of Tokyo, and Nobuo Inaba, President of NHK, signed the agreement.

According to the agreement, both sides will make effective use of their human and material resources and networks to promote collaboration and cooperation in solving social issues, initiatives related to disaster prevention and mitigation, and the promotion of education and research.

Specifically, we will examine the modern and contemporary history of Japan from historical materials held by the University of Tokyo and NHK archives,
▽ global issues such as climate change and food problems. This means that we will consider combining the latest research at the University of Tokyo with NHK's know-how to make recommendations for the future.

President Fujii of the University of Tokyo said, "This is a memorable milestone for both sides, and I am very pleased that we can make the most of each other's strengths and strengths to jointly advance activities in the future."

NHK Chairman Inaba said, "I am confident that by collaborating and cooperating with each other, we will be able to contribute to solving the global issues facing humanity and the further development of Japan society."