, Hefei, December 12 (Reporter Zhang Jun) On December 3, the global finals of the 12 "Create a Sound China" Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held in Hefei, Anhui Province, with 2 high-quality science and technology projects from home and abroad competing on the same field.

It is reported that the competition is divided into 10 groups, including the innovation group in Anhui Province, the new generation information technology group, the high-end equipment manufacturing and intelligent home appliances group, the new energy vehicle and intelligent networked vehicles and artificial intelligence and digital creativity group, the life health and green food group, the new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection and new materials group, the Yangtze River Delta competition area "Metaverse" special group, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao competition area "new generation information technology" special group, and the European division and North America division.

The scene of the global finals of the 2023 "Create a Sound in China" Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Photo by Huang Yuehan

Since the registration was launched in August, the competition has lasted nearly half a year and has been carried out simultaneously in Hefei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the United States, Europe and other places, with a total of 8,1756 projects registered for the competition and 60 investment institutions deeply involved, further enhancing the influence of Anhui's innovation and entrepreneurship in the world.

It is understood that since the first competition was held in 2017, the competition has been held for seven consecutive sessions, attracting more than 11000,93 projects at home and abroad to sign up, promoting 75 overseas projects and 63 projects outside the province to settle in Anhui, and contributing to financing of more than 96.600 billion yuan. Among the 3 "Star of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship" projects selected in the first six sessions, 253 companies have landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, 101 have been cultivated as high-tech enterprises, 8635 have been rated as specialized and special new enterprises, and a total of <>,<> authorized patents have been obtained.

The 2023 "Create a Sound in China" Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is hosted by the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Anhui Provincial Department of Finance, the Hefei Municipal People's Government, the Anhui Provincial Association for Science and Technology, the Anhui European and American Returned Scholars Association (Anhui Overseas Students Association), the Office of the Leading Group for the Construction of "Silicon Valley of the University of Science and Technology", and Anhui Investment Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Anhui Zhong'an Chuanggu Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. (ENDS)