, Guangzhou, December 12 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The acrobatic light and shadow show "Light Chaser" opened in Guangzhou Haixinsha Asian Games Park on the evening of the 4rd, and a number of gold medal programs took turns.

The acrobatic light show "Light Chaser" was held in Haixinsha Asian Games Park in Guangzhou. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Performance Film Co., Ltd

The acrobatic light and shadow show combines a number of award-winning acrobatic programs with Lingnan's unique cultural elements and Chinese style interpretation forms, integrates traditional charm and modern atmosphere, opens up a "new national tide acrobatics" performance form that highlights Lingnan's regional characteristics, and vividly shows Guangzhou's unique customs and customs.

Acrobats demonstrate a high level of skill. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Performance Film Co., Ltd

The reporter learned that "Light Chaser" follows the top stage lighting technology of the Guangzhou International Light Festival, focuses on Lingnan culture, and integrates acrobatic programs such as "Kicking People", "Ballet on the Shoulder" and "Women's Collective Jiu-Jitsu" to show the artistic charm of Lingnan style at multiple levels; At the same time, focusing on China's aerospace and China's strength, it has integrated acrobatic programs such as "Men's Single Pole", "Shake and Carry" and "Ball Skills".

The scene of the performance. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Performance Film Co., Ltd

It is worth mentioning that "Light Chaser" integrates all kinds of light in nature and unique lights that symbolize people's inner world into acrobatic performances, and presents the wonder of light beams with difficult movements in the show. Among them, the traditional classic acrobatic work "Empty Bamboo" is cleverly choreographed in the form of "Chinese style", and innovatively interprets the "Rising Light", which symbolizes hope; The thrilling and difficult "Six Skills" and "Shaking the Bar" uniquely present the shining "Aurora", and the shocking and enthusiastic "Kicking People" shows the warm "fire".

From December 12th to 4th, the acrobatic light show "Light Chaser" will continue to be staged in Haixinsha Asian Games Park. (ENDS)