On the 2nd, a couple in their 50s were found bleeding and collapsed in a house in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, and the husband died and the wife was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. The wife told the police officer who rushed that 'a man came into the house and stabbed her husband and herself', so the police set up an investigation headquarters and are investigating the detailed situation considering that the couple may have been attacked by someone.

At around 2:7 p.m. on the 57nd, the 50-year-old wife reported to the police that she had been "stabbed" at the residence of Tadashi Koda (2), a company manager in Tamashima, Kurashiki City.

When police officers rushed to the scene, they found Mr. Qinda in the washroom and his wife in the kitchen, both bleeding and collapsing, and both were taken to the hospital, but Mr. Qirda was later confirmed dead.

His wife was also seriously injured and his life is not in danger.

According to the police, a kitchen knife with blood on it was found near the fallen Mr. Qian, and his wife told the police officer that a man had entered the house and stabbed her husband and herself.

There are two couples living in the house, and the police believe that there is a possibility of a murder case in which someone broke in and attacked the couple and then escaped, and an investigation headquarters has been set up to investigate the details of the situation.

The site is a residential area about 2 km south of JR Shin-Kurashiki Station.