The editorial department of "Biting the Text and Chewing the Words" released the top ten popular slogans in Shanghai in 12 on December 4, and new quality productivity, two-way running, artificial intelligence model, village super, and special military tourism were selected.

1. New Productivity "New Productivity" represents a leap in productivity, a productivity in which scientific and technological innovation plays a leading role, a productivity that has gotten rid of the traditional growth path and meets the requirements of high-quality development, and a productivity that is more integrated and reflects new connotations in the digital era. "New quality productivity" enriches the connotation of the Marxist theory of productivity, and provides scientific theoretical guidance and action guidelines for comprehensively promoting the sustained, healthy and high-quality development of China's economy in the new era, integrating scientific and technological innovation resources, and leading the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries.

2. Two-way rush This refers to the relevant parties working together towards a common goal and getting closer to each other. It is mostly used between people, expressing people's good wishes for mutual love and closeness. "It is the trickle of goodwill and friendship that makes the vast Pacific Ocean no longer a moat; It is the people's two-way rush that has brought China-US relations back to the right path from the trough time and time again. From being used for individuals to being used for the country, the scope of use of "two-way running" has been extended and expanded, and the value connotation has been enriched and sublimated.

10. Large AI model In the field of artificial intelligence, large model refers to a machine learning model with ultra-large-scale parameters (usually more than <> billion) and super computing resources, which can process massive data and complete various complex tasks, such as natural language processing and image recognition. The performance of computer hardware is constantly improving, deep learning algorithms are rapidly optimized, and the development of large models is changing with each passing day. A series of artificial intelligence applications based on large models have come out one after another, among which ChatGPT and "Wenxin Yiyan" have had a wide impact on social production and life. The widespread application of large models also brings great challenges to privacy protection and information security, and there is an urgent need for effective response to relevant laws and management measures.

2023. Village Super On May 5, 13, the "Hemei Rural Football Super League" held in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province started. "Village Super League" is an abbreviation of "Village Football Super League". According to authoritative media statistics, since the start of the game, the highest attendance of the "Village Super" in a single game has exceeded 6,480, and the whole network has been viewed more than <> billion times, setting a historical record in various data. "Village Super" shines, "Village BA" (village basketball game), "Village Volleyball" (village volleyball game), etc., also quickly "out of the circle" with amazing energy and unique charm. The popularity of rural sports events with the prefix "village" has far-reaching practical significance for promoting national fitness, achieving an all-round well-off, and revitalizing the rural economy.

5. Special Forces Tourism Culture and tourism consumption continues to recover and pick up, and "special forces tourism" is popular all over the Internet. The core essence of this new type of tourism is to enjoy as many tourism resources as possible at the lowest possible cost. Tourists spend the least amount of time, spend the least expense, visit the most scenic spots, and learn the most about the history, culture, customs and customs in the tourist destination, as if they are performing special tasks. "Special forces" are specially trained, well-equipped, and have strong combat effectiveness, and are a general term for the technical arms that perform certain special tasks, and also refer to the soldiers of this type of troops. Using "special forces" to modify "tourism" is to use the salient characteristics of "special forces" to empower special tourism methods. The "special forces-style ××" also quickly derived the terms "special forces-style drama viewing", "special forces-style meetings", and "special forces-style lunch breaks", showing strong productivity.

6. Conspicuous bag "Conspicuous bag" is a person whose external image or personality traits are eye-catching. Originally, the "conspicuous bag" had a bit of "disgust". But now, the praise of "conspicuous bag" is obvious, and the meaning of "disgust" has gradually dissipated. Calling someone a "conspicuous bag" is not only because of its superficial "showmanship", but also because of its inner vitality, which is cute and fun, and can create a joyful atmosphere. Today's "conspicuous bag" is very popular because it is "different", which is people's recognition of personalized and diverse expression. Netizens often say that "every species and every field has its own conspicuous bag". For example, the vivid and joyful cultural relics in the museum are also known as "conspicuous bags".

Seventh, the partner is "partner", in the dialect originally refers to "people who play cards together", that is, "card partners". Later, the scope of use was expanded, and the companions who engaged in a certain activity together were generally called "hitchhikers". Today's popular "hitchhiker" reflects a new type of social relationship model. The interaction between the "hitchhikers" is controlled within the scope of meeting specific needs. This kind of precise companionship is seen as a stress-free social interaction that does not require bothering to maintain, and has more independent choices and free space. Through social platforms, young people can "ride" everything. There are "rice pairs" for eating, "travel pairs" for travel, "sports pairs" for sports, and even "walking baby pairs", "shopping pairs", "weight loss pairs" and so on.

8. Dopamine ×× Dopamine is mainly synthesized in brain cells and adrenal gland cells, which can affect many aspects of a person's movement, cognition, mood, sleep, etc., and its level and balance are essential for people's health and well-being. This year's popular "dopamine dressing" has changed the delicate elegance and simple and low-key style of the past, and uses high-saturation colors and colorful and bright collocations to make people have a pleasant experience. After "dopamine dressing" became popular, "dopamine" extended the meaning of "happiness factor", from visible colors to invisible abstract concepts, "dopamine" can be used, such as "dopamine scenic spot", "dopamine walk", "dopamine diet", "dopamine vacation" and so on.

9. Emotional value is a marketing concept, which refers to the difference between the emotional benefit and the emotional cost perceived by the customer. The popular term "emotional value" today is a description of a relationship, which refers to a person's ability to influence the emotions of others. The more comfortable, pleasurable, and stable emotions a person brings to others, the higher his emotional value becomes; Conversely, his emotional value is lower. Positive "emotional value" can give people good feelings, stimulate positive emotions, and motivate personal growth. The popularity of "emotional value" reflects people's higher-level psychological needs for a better life in modern society.

10. Question ××, understand ××, and become a ×× In "Love Apartment" more than ten years ago, Lin Wanyu rejected her boyfriend's marriage proposal and decided to pursue her career dream. At first, the audience didn't understand and blamed one after another, but later realized that love is not a necessity in life, so they understood Wanyu, and some even said that they were Wanyu. At the beginning of this year, after "questioning Wanyu, understanding Wanyu, and becoming Wanyu" spread on social platforms, "questioning ××, understanding ××, and becoming a ××" gradually became a widely popular sentence-making format. At a specific stage of life, in the face of a specific cognitive object, "questioning, understanding, and becoming" is a dynamic psychological process that objectively exists, and it is also a necessary stage for mental growth and maturity, which is characterized by all aspects of social life.

Huang Anjing, editor-in-chief of "Biting Texts and Chewing Words", said that this year's "Biting Texts and Chewing Words" adheres to the long-term selection principles and adheres to the evaluation criteria of "sociological value" and "linguistic value" of language. Compared with previous years, the following characteristics of the "Top Ten Popular Words" in 2023 are more prominent:

First, the characteristics of the year are obvious, reflecting the social life. For example, the "artificial intelligence model" reflects that artificial intelligence represented by ChatGPT and others is entering a new era, which will change the way of production, life and even thinking of human beings. "Village Super" is a vivid interpretation of the practice of promoting national fitness and revitalizing rural areas. "Special military tourism" highlights people's positive life and mental state under the continuous recovery of cultural and tourism consumption.

Second, the characteristics of innovation are obvious, highlighting the creativity of language. A large number of buzzwords that have appeared this year have highlighted a "new" word, showing people's strong language innovation ability. For example, "village super" and "emotional value" add new morphologies to the Chinese thesaurus; "conspicuous bag" and "hitchhiker" add new connotations to the original words; "Dopamine ××", "Special Forces-style ××", "Questioning××, Understanding ××, and Becoming ××" have added new sentence formation formats to the Chinese grammar library.

Third, the rise of short videos, pragmatic boundaries have not been eliminated. Short videos have won the favor of platforms and fans with their fast and down-to-earth communication advantages, and have become another important platform for people to show their language wisdom and create language. However, the main users of short videos are still young people, especially the post-90s and post-00s, and the elderly are still in the process of gradually understanding and accepting. Therefore, there is still a process for a large number of popular language forms of short videos to be accepted by the whole society. In terms of language use, there is an obvious boundary between short videos and traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, and even the traditional communication methods of the Internet, which leads to the transformation of "short video buzzwords" into "national buzzwords". This is also one of the reasons why the spread of buzzwords such as "the gears of fate began to turn", "Hakimi", "dig and dig" and "enemy honey" have not been further expanded and have not entered the final list. (People's Daily client Shanghai Channel Cao Lingjuan)