Solène Delinger / Photo credits: JEFF PACHOUD / AFP 18:34 p.m., December 04, 2023

In an interview with "TV Magazine" on Monday, December 4, Mimie Mathy opened up about her health problems, including her various back surgeries. The "Josephine, Guardian Angel" actress revealed that she was supported by Florent Pagny during her hospitalization.

A totally unlikely friendship... While she was hospitalized because of her serious back problems, Mimie Mathy was able to count on the support of a certain Florent Pagny.

"We texted each other from our hospital beds"

"It's funny because we had our health issues around the same time, so we texted each other from our hospital beds," the 66-year-old actress explained in an interview with TV Magazine on Monday, Dec. 4. At the time, Florent Pagny was undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

"Florent is a fighter"

"With Florent, we always said to each other that we were 'warriors'," said Mimie Mathy before revealing more about the state of health of the former coach of The Voice, who is currently in remission: "He is lucky to be superbly surrounded by Azucena (editor's note: Florent Pagny's wife). Florent loves what he does, he's happy, he has a balanced life outside of work, he's a fighter. He understood that he had to quit smoking too much, even if it was a little late. He's going to get away with it."

Invited to the TF1 news two weeks ago, Florent Pagny gave reassuring news about his lung cancer. "I did all my exams today, after my last treatment and a series of radiations. Everything went very well and the results are great," the singer said. But, after two relapses, the singer of Savoir aimer had also been cautious. "For the third time, it's gone, but hey, it's still been three times that it appears, so I'm not going to declare victory too much," he said against Gilles Bouleau.

In any case, Florent Pagny appeared in good form on the set of Star Academy last week. The singer surprised Axel, who didn't know he was going to join him on stage to sing his hit Les murs porteurs. It was a very emotional moment for the academician but also for Florent Pagny, who was happy to be able to sing as before.