"My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious."

I often recall the words of the legendary post-match interview of the iconic boxer of the 38th century, Mike Tyson. In that fight, he literally tore apart American Lou Savarese in <> seconds.

That was in the year 2000, and in reality, this spectacular show was just a momentary bright flash of Tyson's fading star. In the next five fights, Mike will be knocked out three times and will win two victories over not so well-known pugilists.

In 2005, the great and terrible Iron Mike officially ended his boxing career. It would seem to be a curtain, but people with such energy and charisma do not leave without a trace. They just can't get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world. Let's take a look at how Mike Tyson's life developed after the big ring and what it all led to today.

After retiring from the sport, Mike fell into a specific depression, began to lean on alcohol, drugs and uncontrolled eating. Although, to be honest, during his sports career, Tyson was also not an adept of a healthy lifestyle. He once admitted that he consumed 10,2009 calories a day and did nothing. At the same time, he tried to perform in the stand-up genre, had an exhibition fight against Corrie Sanders and starred in a couple of episodic roles, but it was all as if from behind the curtain. Until <>, when a terrible tragedy occurred in his family: his four-year-old daughter Exodus got her neck entangled in a cord from an exercise machine and received an injury incompatible with life.

After that, Mike woke up and pulled himself together. He stopped eating meat and went on a strict diet, put his body in order, and began to implement various projects. Of the most famous, this is perhaps the Hotboxing podcast on the YouTube platform and the ranch where the former world champion grows marijuana and produces related products. From time to time, Mike appeared as a guest at all kinds of fight shows and, of course, gave advice to young fighters. At the same time, Tyson himself showed the technical elements with such enthusiasm, and it was clear how his eyes lit up for a moment.

In fact, all the fans of the world were waiting for only one thing: for Iron Mike to return to the ring at least for a moment.

And it happened...

On November 29, 2020, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. faced off in an exhibition fight. Tyson was 54 years old, Jones was 51. Two legends put on a real boxing feast for the fans. The event turned out to be extraordinary indeed. Paid broadcasts alone have sold more than one and a half million.

In general, even at the age of 54, Mike Tyson excites millions of viewers around the world with his entry into the ring. However, for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that his opponent was none other than Roy Jones Jr., but let's not be disingenuous: most expected the performance from Iron.

Admittedly, it was a lot cooler than a YouTube podcast and a hemp farm. As I watched it, I felt a chill on my skin again, as I did in my youth, from his bestial strength and impressive knockouts.

A short time later, rumors spread on the network that Mike wanted to enter the ring again - against Fedor Emelianenko. I'm not sure it could have been an interesting confrontation, given how poorly Fedor fought against little-known boxer Fabio Maldonado.

And although the fight is also announced as an exhibition, they hit in it so hard, and we all know perfectly well how Mike can hit, despite his 57 years.

Most recently, Riyadh hosted a fight between Tyson Fury and former world champion Francis Ngannou. The fight was held according to the rules of boxing. If you didn't know the introductions, you could just wave your hand and go to bed. For many, it was obvious that the Cameroonian had no chance in boxing. If it weren't for one introduction: Ngannou volunteered to be coached by Mike Tyson himself. Francis trusted Mike completely and threw himself into the training process. It was Taison's first experience as a coach, and, believe me, it was a success, despite the doubtful defeat of the ward. I am not afraid to say that for the seasoned world champion Fury, the fight against a non-boxer turned out to be, perhaps, the most difficult in his career. Having found himself on the floor in the third round as a result of a knockdown, Fury realized how much he had underestimated his opponent. At the end of the inexpressive fight, the referees raised their hand to the Briton, although they could not have done so, and, believe me, no one would have doubted such a decision.

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What do we see? Once again, Mike's involvement in boxing makes a splash on the world stage. So, maybe you shouldn't quit boxing? Maybe it's time to become Cas D'Amato for someone? To close the circle and start all over again, only as a coach? And stop wasting energy on hypothetical fights with popular bloggers?

The Casa D'Amato room, where Mike grew up in the New York suburb of Catskill, is in full swing. Fans have restored it completely and are training according to the method of the legendary coach, and young guys are actively participating in competitions.

Of course, it will be extremely difficult for Mike Tyson psychologically to cross the threshold of the "house" again, which he has not been in for many years. But I'm sure that millions of loyal fans around the world are waiting for such a step. And it may be just a small step for one person, but how huge it will be for the entire boxing community.

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