At the trial of the 50-year-old defendant, who was accused of murdering a couple in their 19s at a residence in Kofu City and burning down the house, the bereaved family made a statement of opinion, and the couple's eldest daughter said, "I am not convinced and do not understand the reason that the defendant spoke at the trial."

The defendant, 19-year-old Hiroki Endo, who was 21 years old at the time and attended a part-time high school in Kofu City, is accused of murder and arson for breaking into a woman's house in October and killing the woman's parents in their 10s with a knife and burning down the house.

At the trial on the 50th, the bereaved family made a statement of opinion, and a woman who had been favored by the defendant testified by video from another place in the courtroom.

In it, he said, "I have been thinking about the reasons why this happened even though my father, mother, and sister have done nothing wrong, and I am not convinced at all by the reasons that the defendant said at the trial, and I do not understand anything."

In addition, regarding the lack of an apology from the defendant at the trial, he said, "I think that I am not at fault, and I can only think that I am running away from what I have done."

In addition, the victim sister of the incident is suffering from mental sequelae, and said, "I will not say what kind of punishment I want because I am afraid of the defendant.

The next trial is expected to conclude on the 4th of this month.