• 'Tierra firme' Everything Pedro Sánchez says in his new book: "I'm not Machiavellian, I'm responsible"

They have never been seen together, but it is one of the most awaited photos probably also by them: Jorge Javier Vázquez and Pedro Sánchez. Well, on December 11, the photo will become a reality.

After more than a month away from the spotlight, Jorge Javier Vázquez returns to the public scene with Pedro Sánchez. He will be in charge, together with the journalist Ángeles Caballero, of presenting the new book of the President of the Government, Tierra firme (Ed. Península) in Madrid, according to Lecturas.


'Dry land'.

Everything Pedro Sánchez tells us in his new book: "I'm not Machiavellian, I'm responsible"

  • Written by: RODRIGO TERRASA Madrid

Everything Pedro Sánchez tells us in his new book: "I'm not Machiavellian, I'm responsible"

The affection between the presenter and Sánchez has been made visible on several occasions. Memorable was that afternoon when Pedro Sánchez went live on Sálvame. Jorge Javier Vázquez gave one of his striking speeches against El Toro de La Vega. In that speech, the presenter showed his disillusionment with the PSOE. At that time – 2014 – Pedro Sánchez had just been elected secretary general of the party and, as he himself recounted in his previous book Manual de resistencia, when listening to the presenter so indignant with the party of El Toro de la Vega and making visible his weariness with the party, Sánchez was clear: he picked up the phone and called. According to him, it was never his intention to go live and he just wanted to talk one-on-one with the presenter. Rumor has it that he knew exactly what he was doing.

That call in which Sánchez promised Jorge Javier Vázquez that he would "never" see him at a bullfight was a masterstroke of communication. Sálvame was the most watched program in the afternoon slot and with a very sweet target for politicians, those over 60 years of age. Sánchez himself acknowledged this some time later: "Even if it were true that Sálvame is only seen by older and uneducated women, how much is their vote worth?"

Less than a month ago, when Pedro Sánchez was sworn in as president, Jorge Javier Vázquez posted a message on X (Twitter) demonstrating his support for Sánchez: "Pedro, make me yours once again," the presenter wrote, accompanying the text with a photograph in which he appears in a swimsuit, next to a beach bar and on the beach.

It was the president himself who revealed, for example, that he had telephoned Jorge Javier when he found out that Sálvame was being cancelled. "I think he's a great guy. He's a very smart guy, he's got a lot of judgment. Hopefully I'll be back on TV. He's a guy who communicates very well."

And it wasn't the only praise for the presenter. "It seems to me that Jorge Javier Vázquez is a monster of television," the president said in Lo de Évole. A mutual admiration that has been even more evident today when the election of Vázquez for the presentation of his book was known.

In addition to the clear link between Sánchez and the presenter, the presence of Ángeles Caballero also links Jorge Javier with the journalist, since the presenter was in charge of the prologue to the book published by Caballero a few months ago.

The presentation of Sánchez's book will not only be the first public meeting between president and presenter, but also the return to the front line of Jorge Javier Vázquez. After the cancellation of Cuentos chinos, Jorge Javier Vázquez decided to take a break and get away from all the media noise. The presenter has been on the road and enjoying the calm of not being under the spotlight. Almost two months after that, Jorge Javier Vázquez returns with a meeting that few could imagine.

Tierra firme, written, like Manual de resistencia, by journalist and former congresswoman Irene Lozano and with an Obama-inspired title and cover, is a first-person chronicle of the president. Almost everything in this book is in the first person. Pedro Sánchez starts with his paella of 23J and goes back to the debacle of the regional elections two months earlier to justify his decision to bring forward the general elections.

In this new book, Pedro Sánchez Sánchez defines himself as "a politician with convictions" and justifies what, according to him, are not lies but "changes of political position". "There are issues that a president must address with the utmost rigor when they arise, assessing all the reasons, the consequences and the objectives that are intended to be achieved. That is not being Machiavellian, as I have also been called, but responsible," he elaborates in the book.

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