Yongzhou, December 12 (Tang Xiaoqing, Tang Wenming, Yan Jie) "The village clinic has opened the outpatient co-ordination diagnosis and treatment settlement business, and the villagers have basically realized that the headache and brain fever do not leave the village, and the medical insurance reimbursement is in the village." Long Wenjuan, a village doctor in the clinic of Tongzishan Village, Baiya Town, Dong'an County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, said.

301 villages in Dong'an, Hunan Province have opened outpatient co-ordination diagnosis and treatment settlement business. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Dong'an County Party Committee

Since the beginning of this year, Dong'an County has continued to expand the scope of beneficiaries of the medical insurance extension service reform, "moved" the service window to the doorstep of the masses, continued to promote the construction of the "integrated" service system of county, township and village medical insurance, and sunk 26 medical insurance government service items to the township and village (community) service centers, and fully realized the direct handling of insurance registration, information inquiry and change, and remote medical treatment filing; All 301 village clinics have opened outpatient co-ordination diagnosis and treatment settlement services to ensure timely reimbursement for medical treatment at the doorstep of the masses.

Up to now, there have been 46605,98 village-level outpatient visits in the county, and the medical insurance outpatient fund has paid 82,70 yuan, with an average reimbursement ratio of <>% per person.

Dong'an County adheres to the close linkage and synergy of medical insurance, medicine and medical treatment, and "sinks" high-quality resources to the doorstep of the masses. Let the masses enjoy the medical services of experts from higher-level hospitals at their doorsteps.

It is understood that Dong'an County has built a "1+1+1+1+N" (1 county-level specialist, 1 township general practitioner, 1 village-level doctor, 1 medical insurance specialist, responsible for the health care management and service guarantee of several chronic disease patients in the jurisdiction) Baocun resident medical and health service team, and do a good job in health follow-up, household publicity, telephone appointment, village-level consultation, serious illness referral, outpatient reimbursement and other convenient services for the people.

At the same time, Dong'an County has carried out medical insurance policy publicity activities in accordance with the "three-link" model of leadership linkage, cadres linkage township, and business backbone linkage village, and "sent" policy publicity to the doorstep of the masses, so as to effectively enhance the public's awareness of medical insurance policies and regulations; Fully implement the "help agency" service, provide health search and door-to-door medicine delivery services for patients with "two diseases" with limited mobility, and package the medical insurance Huimin policy, free delivery of drugs, medication service guidance, and health follow-up list into "medical insurance Huimin small pockets" for patients with "two diseases" who go out to work, and directly reach the place of residence of migrant workers through express delivery, and medical insurance drugs are "free of charge".

Zhou Gemeng, a villager from Shixihe Village, Dajiangkou, Baiya Town, Dong'an County, who works in Guangdong, receives a special package "Medical Insurance Huimin Small Pocket" mailed from his hometown every half month. The medical insurance policy publicity, follow-up records and antihypertensive drugs in the "small pocket" made him feel warm.

At present, the county's grassroots village health centers have "helped to handle" 3226,40086 medical insurance services, and <>,<> patients with "two diseases" have enjoyed health "dividends". (ENDS)