Two former managing directors of the Japan Prepared Food Association, a group of delicatessen manufacturers nationwide, were arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of embezzlement in the course of business for allegedly embezzling more than 2 million yen of the association's funds under the guise of outsourcing. He has denied the charges.

Those arrested were Yoshinori Fujiki, 68, a former executive director of the Japan Prepared Food Association, who lives in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, and Mariko Sugiura, 59, an acquaintance who lives in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the two are suspected of embezzlement in the course of business four years ago when they allegedly transferred more than 2.4 million yen from the association to Sugiura's bank account under the pretext of outsourcing expenses under the guise of outsourcing to a restaurant-related company.

It was discovered in the association's internal investigation, and it is believed that more than 330 million yen was illegally remitted in the two years from Heisei 29 using the same method.

In response to the investigation, both denied the charges, with Fujiki stating that he did not send money as a fictitious contract, and Sugiura stating that he was receiving it as a legitimate reward.

The Japan Prepared Foods Association, an industry group of nearly 2 companies including delicatessen manufacturers nationwide, commented in response to the incident, "We will fully cooperate with the investigation and strive to thoroughly implement measures to prevent recurrence."