In the case of sexual assault by Mr. Johnny Kitagawa, the former Johnny's office "SMILE-UP." announced for the first time on the 4th the specific procedures for those who reported the damage and could not confirm that they were enrolled in the office.

As of November 11, 20 people have filed a report and have begun paying compensation to those who have reported damage from Mr. Johnny Kitagawa and

have completed the fact-checking by the Victim Relief Committee, which was established for compensation.

On the other hand, the company had said that it would respond individually to those who had not been able to confirm their enrollment by requesting the submission of additional materials, but on the 834th, the Relief Committee announced for the first time that it had begun to provide guidance on specific procedures in the future.

In this report, we will continue to consult with the Relief Committee and respond politely by listening to individual stories.

As a result, those who have been able to confirm their enrollment will proceed to the procedures of the Relief Committee, which will certify the damage and evaluate the contents of the compensation, and for those who could not confirm the record of enrollment, the details of the damage report will be examined individually and the case that should be compensated will be compensated.