Claiming that digital products can be opened at a low price, value for money, and grabbing is earning

Express stranded blind box, pie or trap?

The survey found that the so-called "big surprise" "buyer show" was actually brushed out, and consumers were easy to be fooled and difficult to pick up

This newspaper (reporter Huang Hongtao) can open digital products at a low price, value for money, grab is earn... Under the combination of the surge in express delivery volume and the blind box economy, the new product of the express detention (express delivery that has not been successfully delivered due to unknown address, telephone shutdown, etc.) blind box can be said to have both the excitement of opening a blind box and the allure of "fighting a bicycle into a motorcycle". However, a recent investigation by a reporter from the "Workers' Daily" found that there are many blind box routines for express delivery strands, and consumers are easy to be fooled and difficult to pick up.

On some e-commerce platforms, searching for keywords such as "express box blind box" and "stranded piece" will pop up many merchants with "cabbage price" and "emergency treatment" of express stranded pieces. Some of the stranded pieces are treated by catties, and some are sold in "sacks" as a unit, and many commodity maps have large characters on the cover with words such as "steady profit and no loss", "grab is earned", "come and pick up the leak" and so on.

The reporter randomly clicked into a store and saw that there were prices ranging from a few yuan to several hundred yuan. According to the transaction volume of each store, which is as small as dozens of pieces and as large as more than 1,170 pieces, many consumers have placed orders with the mentality of "gambling". Click on a product casually, zero negative reviews in the comment area, almost all of them are "beautiful words", many people said "big surprise", opened their mobile phones to "earn", they took the "five kilograms (overseas original order)" product price of <> yuan.

However, searching for related content on a social platform, many consumers shared their experience of opening the blind box, and one of them said that the blind box of more than 20 yuan he bought was basically "toothpicks" and "cotton swabs", which were not worth 20 yuan at all. Under the sharing post, many netizens questioned the store's praise. There are also consumers who said that in the blind box of 298 yuan and 20 catties they bought, "many products do not even have instructions".

Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee investigation found that at the moment when express detention is selling well, many businesses grasp the psychology of consumers to "fight big with small" and use their brains, and divide the cheap wholesale small commodities into different express special boxes, and after "meticulous" packaging, they are marked with the slogan of "overseas original order", and "Li Ghost" turns into "Li Kui" , and then create the illusion that "what you buy is what you earn". As everyone knows, the blind box of the stranded pieces that consumers buy with their eyes closed is the "routine gift box" that the seller packs with his eyes open, and the consumer is surprised when he opens the blind box, not only did not "pick up the leak" but "fell for it".

The Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission believes that on the one hand, if the merchant sells the express detention pieces that are indeed for others, it is illegal; on the other hand, there are many blind box routines for the stranded pieces, which is easy to be fooled and difficult to pick up leaks.

In this regard, experts pointed out that the express delivery industry regulatory authorities should strengthen the supervision of express transportation business outlets and personnel, and severely crack down on the sale of express blind boxes. E-commerce platforms should promptly clean up the merchants selling express blind boxes on the platform, and rectify the behavior of deceiving consumers by selling cheap stall small commodities under the gimmick of "overseas original order" express blind boxes. Consumers should consume rationally, identify routines and scams, and avoid being greedy. (Workers' Daily)